Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Planned Walking Session

As Danny Choo is currently enjoying his new game console, Xbox 360 (@Danny Choo), it seem like the Japan Golden Week is approaching very soon too.

Japan Golden Week (@Wiki), is celebrated in Japan with the Children day being last on 5th of May, which also happened to be my birthday.

Today I received my present in advance from my grandmother despite my protest.

But I do need to thank her for giving me still.

Tomorrow, right after my driving lesson in the morning, I will having a planned walking session to Orchard Road tomorrow.

And maybe I would like to go take a peek if there are any clear umbrella there to make Itagasa (@Danny Choo).

I did planned to get something at the same time, and maybe a few tasty bite down there while I at it.

Main point would be around Ion Orchard and Takashimaya, but depending on my walking session in the end.

Currently I don't really walk for too long, and I been back home very early, due to Dad's orderly, which my imouto would always ignored.

Well, if possible, I would really take my time, walking and peeking around, and maybe be home very late. The longest walking session I had was before I enlisted to NS, from morning 8a.m to the next day 10a.m.

Well, I really missed the day when I went to get those cheap Sushi late at night, when the supermarket are hurried to sell them out.

Still, I do hope tomorrow would be a nice weather, and I still can't go back home very late since Friday I also got another morning session.

Wish all a good day for tomorrow to enjoy. =)
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