Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shining Bright Hearts

Shining Hearts: 
Shiawase no Pan

Alt Name:
Shining Hearts: Bread of Happiness

Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki
Written by Daishiro Tanimura
Music by Hiroki Kikuta
Studios - Producution I.G

Based on the Game; Shining Hearts (@Wiki)
Anime - Episode 1 [Just took flight]

Watch it @Anime44
More Info of the anime @Wiki
Main Anime Homepage @Site

To the "Shining" series Fan, after playing the game (if you do), how much a change to take a peek into the Anime of the Shining Hearts?

Episode 1 start as a normal story board which show more on the character slice of life, and what they are doing mostly as a bakery.

Rick is actually a swordsman who become bread baker who work with the 3 sisters; Neris, Amil and Airy.

And to think they started off with the Sisters waking up Rick and pushing/pulling him all the way to their shop to do some baking.

This explained a lot why they put "Harem" as Genre only, just what you expect from the main character.

A good start on the story after the strange prelude on the story about "I want to be glad that I am born".

Those start the game will probably know more, but let leave that to open discussion for now.

And due to delicious drawing bread, I actually decided to buy some bread for myself in the end.

But I would sure like to try out Rick's bread though.

Rick's bread is loved by the people of Wyndaria, the place this story is starting on, and this episode is more on telling how Rick and the sister live their daily life.

Initially, I almost forgot that this is Shining Hearts due to the way they started the story.

That why I like this Anime, but of course, they'll be starting the plot most probably on the next episode.

The preview did show the great storm, which is the start of the game story plot.

Well, to top it all up, A very good start, and they almost killed me with the nice 'melody' opening at the start of the anime.

And what worst? I still died in the end due to the cuteness of the closing credits.

I had to admit they choose the right music for this anime, and I looking forwards for this next episode.

Well, if you yet to take a peek into the world of the Shining Hearts, don't hesitant to scroll up and check the links.

I'm sure you would like a nice anime for a change, don't you?
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