Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taking a break

For unsure reason, I've gotten very unwell, from headaches to body aches despite being fine in the afternoon. So I need to pop in some magical pill and health potion to refill myself, but even so, an early resting session is place after this short post.

Nothing to worry about since I hope to recover the next day, and I really want to share a few more thing today, but it seem like my limit is reaching somewhere, since I typing this out using my mind and willpower.

But to give a short update, I'll be playing with Miku Append and Black Rock Shooter Figma and taking a few photo, as I using a normal camera, I will need to reserve some Batteries for the shooting.

Also, I will need to find some room around for the printer, and probably one more square from my bookshelf since another patch of book is coming to visit my room.

Good thing is I don't need to ask BRS (wallet) for help, but trouble will be, I need to clear some more stuffs and also Dirt.

Well, tomorrow I will be doing some small research and peeking through the wiki for some info for my next post, which I want to share on.

I sure there are many different info for the thing I looking into, but still, I will ensure the info are base on hopefully correct stuffs before I share up.

So for now, I will be taking my nap early, and wish all a good day.

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