Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How one can enjoy Hanami

As Danny Choo had posted some nice Sakura flower(@Wiki) over his site (@Danny Choo), somehow it seem like I really want to go there even more, but for now I will have to wait for another year.

Hanami (@Wiki) which mean 'Flower viewing' in Japan, and also a custom on how each year in around Spring that the Japanese gather to view and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding blossom of the Sakura flower together.

I'm sure that the word 'Sakura' is very popular not only in the Manga/Anime/Games genes, but also to the name on many favor character, mostly female.

But let get back to the main topic on how one can enjoy themselves to the fullest when they viewing the beauty of the Sakura, and of course there are many other ways, but I will just still give my full details of how I can managed to waste my time on just viewing flower to the MAX.

Let start with just one person, and him/her only first. No worry, I will cover on the group/gang/class and couples later on.

First time what One person alone can do is actually a lot more and very different from 2 person and/or more.

You got your own time to yourself, so what you can bring along is first few things; Yourself and a clear mind.

To enjoy the fullness of Hanami, you'd want to relax more than anyone, and that is the very important part.

Bring a camera, otherwise use your phone(with camera) and take photo of your surroundings, and you'll be surprise to find more than you initially expected.

Another thing to take note, is to take your time and do thing at a slow pace, but not very slow.

For example, if you miss your bus/train, no worry, wait for the next unless it the last one for the day.

Main important of one person viewing flower is to relax and enjoy him/herself to the fullest at no disruption.

Silent/Off/kill your phone if you don't wish to pick it up, but do let the other party know with a message. Manner is also very important too.

Do bring some money with yourself and/or maybe some lunchbox/drink if you wish to, since they are your source of energy needed to continue on your trip to relaxation.

If you want to show to other that you love the Sakura flower very much, you may consider bringing along Sakurayu (@Wiki) [Sakura tea] and Sakuramochi (@Wiki) [a pink mochi with red bean paste cover with Sakura leaf].

Just imagine, eating Sakuramochi while drinking a bit of Sakurayu and enjoying the view of Sakura in the background; you would like to try that out?

Another good thing to note will be that you may choose to stop at some places, and enjoy the scenery, not just taking photo only. 

There are many things to look around, so it don't really mean that you have to visit only the place you wanted; there no harm in visiting some other new place in the same district, even if you know the district very well.

By the time, you realized it, you'll likely getting hungry and about time for dinner too, which may conclude your end of the day too.

Now, let increase the one person by one more; a Couple. Some may refer that 2 person can also mean 2 boys or 2 girls, but let put them later on with the group instead.

When a couple is having Hanami, what the main part down here is 'Enjoy' and 'Remember this date in heart and mind', as this will be consider as a date.

I'm sure there are many different people with many different situations, but let start on a normal case first.

For a start, first thing will be agreeing on a suitable timing and meeting point. I know waiting is very hard, but I understanding the problem of waiting, and I been waiting for many thing on my life, so keep in mind; choose a suitable timing.

Another thing to know, a matching clothes for both; and to showcase to the world that you two are a couples, and you'll getting eye of jealous and envy from the surrounding in no time.

If both wish to cosplay, by all mean go, since there no harm and rule saying you can't cosplay in order to Hanami, and this apply to single to group category of Hanami too.

One more thing to note will be a camera is very important in this trip as both need photo of them together with Sakura in the background. This is done so as to remember how they enjoyed themselves on that day. It would be nice to politely ask a passer-by to help take a photo for you too.

One may choose Sakuraya and Sakuramochi, but now, let stick/add on some favor food which both couples would like to enjoy instead. This way, both will have a better understand on how and what type of food each other like.

While Hanami, it would be good to have a chat with each other, like on topic each other prefer, or to have a better understanding of each other, which will help to broom the relationship a lot.

This way, not only that you enjoy your date, but also gain the knowledge of your boy/girlfriend a lot more. Although for some who are very close, they may choose to view the Sakura together as if they are watching a movie, which is also one good thing to waste time, but staying close to each other.

And don't forget; hold hand Please <3

On to the last; 'Group'.

Important thing will be a proper planning instead; a good time/place to meet, thing to bring and to do on the day itself.

What a group can do is actually like copying what I mentioned on for 'Single' and 'Couples', but let take note that this is a group we talking about.

While Hanami, a group is mostly seen to enjoy themselves with chat/gossip and some food/drink to share around with each other.

Some group bring cards/hand-held console to play with each other, and it one way to socialize together, plus it good to enjoy as one group too.

The most cheap way would be play cards instead, since it a game where one can laugh and have fun while in a group..

Of course this do not require Batteries/Electricity, so it good for the environment, but that doesn't mean you can anyhow throw the cards around.

Normally a group got a lot of restriction, meaning getting a time to meet up or going as the plan scheduled.

But during a Hanami, this will be a different story; All must enjoy together.

Well, there are some case where one group would just chat all day and let the time go past, which is normally the case, but I do know some would actually play some sport like catching, tag or even ball.

But I don't really comment what one can do in a group, as a group all can suggest a different thing to do, but the main few things a group must have would be photo-taking, food/drink enough to share around, and some equipment like games cards etc, and probably some money, just in case.

Well, after all this, I do hope you will learn one way how one can enjoy Hanami. However, it would be best if you choose your own reference on how to enjoy viewing Sakura. (^w^ )
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