Saturday, April 21, 2012

Walking around Clarke Quay

Since there is an Japan Anime Week over at Liang Court, Singapore, so another walking session was in place.

But first thing once I reached the Central, Singapore, there was a Balloon Park which was the attraction currently over there too.

It no easy feet for the setup itself, plus Balloon don't last long.(*n* ;)

Good thing, I decided to start my walk at the central first, and there are many thing to take a walk over there, but for now, my point of target is over Liang Court for now.

Small space, around there.

Kind of disappointed when there weren't much cosplayers around there, plus there are some who all sit together at the corner.

But what caught my attention is the item being sold over at the booth.

There are also some Dakimakura, Key-chain, Mouse-mat, Masks, and Swords and some other.

There are also some who draw a bit over at some of the booth too. Well, my drawing no where near their level anyway.

Met up with some of friends over at Liang Court, but since our target are very different, we go different path. (*x* )

There are some talk on cosplaying over at the events, plus a band singing, so turn out not bad.

Still, since there Kinokuniya bookshop and Meidi-Ya supermarket, so more place for me to walk about too.

There are many Japanese restaurant over at Liang Court, so if you want to take a few bite, you might want to head over there.

Although I still prefer the Kinokuniya over at Takashimaya, Orchard, but there are some stuffs here that I can take a peek around, but for now, I more probably having a walking session at Orchard Road on the weekday though.

Other than that, I went for some shopping and dinner at Meidi-Ya. (*w* )

Of course my walking session didn't end so fast.

Got myself some Ice-cream on a bread before continuing my walk. (^w^ )

My next point for the walking session is to Funan IT Mall, since there is a Dragon Nest competition.

But more likely is walking around to look at some stuffs like Speakers and Figurines.

My Black Rock Shooter Wallet was hitting me today, so I can only look around and not buy anything.

Well, figure what happen when someone look at my face and walk off; did my eye sparkle that much? (*~* ?)

Did some viewing on the competition, and frankly saying, since I standing over at the second floor, I can't really heard what the commentator is trying to point out.

I just look at how they play and fight each other instead.

Some fierce fighting in the game, but even as I play the game, I am no where near to that level.
Although I like to continue my walk, but it seem like my legs give way, and it also bit late since my parents expecting me to go back early.

Well, they are expecting the newspaper to be exact.

It been so long since I take the bus stop at the back of Funan IT Mall back home, since I mostly take the MRT, but for today, I want to take a little nap well heading home.

Good to take a peeking around during the walking session today, but I prefer to plan my next week for now, before my sister decided on her gaming session.
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