Sunday, April 22, 2012

Danny's Cultural Japan

Culture Japan
Directed/Edited/Presented by Danny Choo
Studio/Network - Mirai Inc.
Season 1 - 2
Season 2 - Episode 1 - 13
More Info/Video/Picture @Danny Choo
If you know Danny Choo and his gang of Comrades, then you shouldn't miss the latest post of work on his Second Season where most of his work, place of visit, and things shared all around the world.

Personally, I do like how daring he did on showcasing each stuffs, and I don't really do those stuffs around myself.

Presenting or showcasing stuffs around in Singapore is no easy walk in the park to be honest, but for me, I using an old camera which was given me by my mother after I give up my Camera to her since she want to try using that more.

Other than that, I using my Iphone more since it more portable and easy to use, plus it good for normal photo-taking when I having my walking session. As you can see on my most post, the photo turn up good, in an unexpected way.

But I have to take a few times, since my hand are very shaky. I am good in making Bubble tea and Milk Shake.

But now that I mentioned, it been a while since I last have had a milkshake myself.

Back to topic on Danny Choo, one good thing about how he showcase his work, in a way which many comrades around the globe really like, but what my friend point out to me; Danny favor quote is "Hmm Hmm Hmmmm".

I started the kill when Danny do some livestream and I heard the word "Hmm".

Well, actually just a fun way to communicate with other comrades, but even so, I still take my time to look at Danny's commenting on the Japan, which I really like, and know more on Japan despite being in Singapore.

Of course I am not always glue to my comfy chair or my softy bed to watch it, since I can take out my Iphone and watch when I travelling by Public transport.

And as one watch the episodes in each of Culture Japan, of course one will notice that there are reality check, which is very important in this world. Well, that why I like how Danny take his front-line to the extreme and showing to other, well, of course if there are good site out there, I will showcase them on my post daily.

As long as they caught my sparkly eye, of course.

But even so, no worry since my eye always sparkle with interesting things always on the run.

As for now, why not take a peek over Danny's Cultural Showcasing Japan?
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