Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breezing through Orchard Road

After my driving lesson in the morning, first thing to go was to Orchard Road, and as usual, I went to Uniqlo to check up on some clothes.

And so happened that there was some stock of Polo-Tee with pocket, which is my dad's preference.

Bought a total of 4 tee since my dad been throwing away some old one, and good thing that there was some discounts.

Very very lucky that it was very cheap.

I usually go to Ion Orchard since there is Uniqlo and some bite down there, and I was craving on Yakisoba with chicken katsu.

Took my time to enjoy the meal, but the Matcha tea was kind of shocking powdery taste though.

Still, it a nice meal for me before heading on the walking session as planned.

Next Pit-Stop is Takashimaya which is a less than 5 minutes trip is there is no human jamming traffic.

And I was kind of surprised that there were some sign board on stock.

Kind of wanting to get the 'No entry' and put it on my door.
For those who want to get nice food to go along with your figurines, you might want to considering a walking session to Arts Friends.

They sell some tasty-looking erasers which are so real, you don't need to worry whether your figurine will go hungry ever again.

You can pick a few varies of food so your figurine can get to choose too.

One floor down will be Kinokuniya, which is paradise for me. Of course took some time to take a few peeking around, and found the very light novel that I was informed of it release.

Yes, I been following Kampfer light novel after it Anime ended some ages ago, and the story is different from it anime.

Still maintaining my Chinese, but I still ask my mother on some difficult words.

Light novel is just for breeze reading though.
Orchard Road is a long line of path with many shopping center, and of course a place very very easy to get a few tasty bite around.

Got myself a Yakisoba Pan, which I missed so much while I was in Japan. It was my 'must-have daily' bread.

But even so, I wasn't aware that they can warm it up before giving to bite it though. First time need a very warm Yakisoba Pan.

Another Pit-Stop will be Scape and Orchard Cineleisure.

Was peeking around for some stuffs, before heading to AKB 48 Cafe for some bite.

But I am very shy when the girls was staring at me while I was sitting at one corners to peek what to bite.

 In the end I decided some pasta, and this time I managed to catch them in photo, with yolk still around.

I always wonder why the yolk like to disappear on me. And one shocking bite for me this was.

Wondering what magic they use to enhance the powerful taste of the pasta and the fries. Very nice and tasty.

Was given a coaster to put drinks, but kind of not wanting to use it though, since it too cute and pretty to put any drinks on top of it.

The cafe is always playing videos of AKB 48 on concerts, and I do enjoyed myself during the bite.

But I still very shy when I was the only customer inside at that time, and the girls were staring at me and chatting.

They are cute and pretty and kind. So I sure anyone would like to get some bite down there.

And after a few walking peeking around, I went home since my dad want to try out the tee that I bought.
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