Friday, April 6, 2012

More Figurine on the look out

Going in to the Dream world for a short while was a big mistake; I slept for 3-4 Hrs....(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

I didn't dream about Asuka and Rei yet though, but hopefully tonight. (@Nagakun)

Anyway, due to new demand in the Figurine world, there are many new figurines on the look out, and I need to clean my hands fast, otherwise I gonna miss them.(・□・;)

As introduced by Danny Choo regarding Racing Miku (@Danny Choo) and Inori Figma/Nedroid (@Danny Choo)

It seem like there are many new figurine on the updates and I sure many Fans out there are currently cleaning their hand for those as well.

For Figma so fast I got Black Rock Shooter, Miku Append form and Luka of Vocaloid. But I won't mind adding Inori to my collection as I really like the anime, though I had nothing to comment on the ending though.(^~^)

A Peek over AmiAmi show even more Figurine on the look out too, and I didn't realized that Sena is preparing herself to be place in anyone room.

Just to be sure that you make friend with her once she visit your room.

But looking at the number of angle at how they catch the photo (@AmiAmi), I'm surprised at how much details figurines nowadays are on demand.

Will you pay more for one good figurine or get more figurine at the lower price?

Another peek at AmiAmi (@AmiAmi) showcase Millia at not just a good price next to Racing Miku, but nice details that comes on it.

I like to play Tales Series games, but yet to touch the Tales of Xiilia, as there was no english version, meaning I need to brush up more on my Japanese.

Still, not surprising on how this Figurine turn out, but due to the AFA that is going to 2 hits in this year, I really wonder how Fans around the world going to do, since one is June at Malaysia and November in Singapore.

I do wish to go for both myself, but I will need to see the schedule board again though.〆(・∀・@)

With so much Figurine on the look out, I would like to somehow get my hand all of them, but it seems like Black Rock Shooter Wallet will shoot me if I touch her, so order is in place.

Still, I wouldn't know about fellow on the left though.(・`ω´・)
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