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Reverse of てっぽう (Teppou), which stand for Gun

Creator - Kitsune Tennouji

4 Volumes [Ongoing]
Published in Young Ace, then Shonen Ace, both are of Kadokawa Shoten

7 Episodes [Still on flight]
Directed by Takao Kato
Written by Naruhisa Arakawa
Studio - Xebec
ONA - Set off on 8 April 2012
TV - Scheduled Flight on July 2012

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Well yesterday Figurine Report mentioned on girl with gun, but before we can use a gun, we must learn how to use it first hand.

And you will need to know the usage of how each guns work.

Praise to the creator for even thinking about mixing Guns with Girls, and in Army, we got the saying of the guns are our wife.

Story start with the initial unknown and unnamed human Teacher being transferred to Seishou Academy.

The school didn't just train the girl to be expert shooters, but they are also the Guns itself. Please do note there are Male Students in the school too.

And due to that, they all do act like normal students too.

Other than that, the transferred teacher is the only human teacher who is not a gun, whose stance for holding a gun is prefect, but bad at aiming with it.

It best to use only one eye to aim, and I tend to go into an aim and hold for a long time before shooting, which can be seen more often when I playing a game of pool.

In Army, I am excused from the gun due to some secret reasons, so I prefer not to say about it for too much.

Each guns in the school are model made in different countries, and in the Manga, I was shocked to see SAR21, who lose to M16A4 during a Mock battle.

So sad on the part where Main characters are "powerful". But I do remember some of the guys in army told me they don't really like SAR21, especially when it come to cleaning it.

Frankly saying I hate the loud "bang" of each firing, though I do play First-person shooting game myself.

Although a Tank can win them all, but in this Gun School, there are 3 different level.

  • Sub-Machine Guns as Elementary Schoolers
  • Assault Rifles as Middle Schoolers
  • Battle Rifles as High Schoolers

Although there no sniper-type, some of the Rifles can be considered to be used for Sniping too, as shown by Sig (Swiss SG 550) and Jisuri (German G3A3).

This Anime/Manga is a very interesting plot which showcase each type of guns in Anime/Manga style.

The Creator did simplify the history of some of the Gun Model, and he did created the characters based on how the real model really is.

Though I must say the creator did jokingly went a little far when Funco (FNC) who is the main heroine , imagining herself being hold by the human teacher, AS a gun. And she can get aroused from it...

Since they are the real gun itself, they cannot escape from the fact that there are some bad point of the gun itself. Like Eru (L85A1) always having pain in her stomach due to getting Jammed a lot.

Another interesting thing to note that they are using real ammo in the story, and they don't die from being hit by one, but they can suffer some dent, or having the parts broken, which need "medical aid" which is "Repairing" them.

When there something wrong with the rifles, "IA" (Immediate Action) is kicked in during a battle, since during a real one, it a matter of life and death.

So it important to take good care of the rifles since they are very delicate, and the reason why they are call "Wife".

But don't go saying a Female holding a Gun is Lesbian, they call it "Husband" since it a weapons which protect their life.

Though the teaching of "Wife" is more common though.

They don't just practice on their gun only, since they do play sports, and study normally too.

There are some Mock Training and Battle with their own real gun, and they do train in Jungle too, using live ammo, and getting shot by it, but they won't die from it, since they themselves are real guns too.

I personally did learn a bit about Gun in this Anime/Manga too.

So, are you interested to take a little peek at Seishou Academy which teach so many different Guns in Upotte!! yet?
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