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Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He is My Brother, Right

Creator - Daisuke Suzuki


Light Novel 
Drawn by Gekka Urū
Published by Media Factory


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Drawn by Kurō Rokushō
Published in Monthly Comic Alive, Media Factory
2 Volumes (ongoing)

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Directed by Keiichirō Kawaguchi
Music by Takahiro Ando
Studio - Silver Link


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Story Plot start with Akiko Himenokoji who is able to reunite and go to the same school as his Oniisan, Akito Himenokoji.

But due to the gap of 6 years of separation after the death of their parents, Akiko had developed a Brother Complex and always want to be with Akito as a couple than sidling.

But that love can be a dangerous one since Akiko just want to be spoil and pamper by her onii san, and wouldn't stop attacking Akito by some interesting seducing ways.

But Akito tend to brush it off as they are related by blood, though he himself is aware that they're actually not. But that is the only line which he is holding on to prevent aggressive attack from Akiko.

Interestingly, Akito made a secret living on porn novel of Brother-sister incest and making good use of his relationship with Akiko, and he use their name though he also make use that the name as friction and not real.

His editor, Kaoruko Jinno, noticed the similar part, plot and name. And she try to stop Akito from having a Sister Complex so that he wouldn't sway from the path though it seem that Akito is more normal than she think.

Another interesting plot is that Akiko of his onii-san's novel, but is unaware due to the pen name, Koichiro Shindo.

It seem that the second closest person who known that secret is the Students President, Arashi Nikaido well known for being a strong sexually aggressive Bisexual and having over 30 lovers and earning the nickname as "Predator".

Later on Arashi decided to break up with her lovers and make the student Council her Harem as she admit the part that the members are hard to seduce by her. She tend to attack Akito and referring him as her Sex Slave, but she is also known that Akito is her real Cousin before he got adopted into Akiko's family.

Another girl who get close to both the sidling, as she like cute thing and teasing other is Anastasia Nasuhara. Due to her parents being a world-wide company owner, she is an ojou-sama.

Initially she want to befriend with Akiko, but due to her cold Personality, she tease Akiko more instead. The same thing go to Akito too and even asking strange question and like words playing.

She also accept being a rival to Akiko, and she win her in many parts, like Student council position; Ana is the vice-president while Akiko is the Secretary, their breast size, height and ranking of popular and many other. The only thing she admit losing and be proud of it would be doing house chores.

She tend to get Akito to help instead. And it show that she love Akito and like being with him.

Interestingly, she confessed to Akito on his first day at school and want him to call her "Ana".

But the common gag on teasing would saying Akito for daring to call a girl a "hole" since Ana is the pronunciation of hole in Japanese. Another joke she like to play is calling Akito a Virgin.

Well she also admit that she is a Virgin, but the part is that she like Akito and see Akiko as a rival prove how much she love Akito. Also she tend to try attacking him though she was brush off too.

Fourth Girl who like Akito would be his best normal friend is Ginbei Haruomi Sawatari, whom he initially mistaken her as a boy.

The problem is that Gin was rise as a boy and that Akito only see her as his best friend, much to her dismay as she love him.

At first she take care of cooking, to Akiko's dismay, and tried ways to seduce Akito like wearing cute clothes and acting girly in front of him. When all failed, she will mumble about Akito's ignorance. Problem lie in her flat chest and small height, and her boyish talking which is why Akito think her as friends instead of a girl, which is Gin's disappointment  and regret should their first encounter wasn't the way she intended.

Last to make the line would be 4 years younger than Akito is Arisa Takanomiya, well known for being a genius and graduated from a famous university.

Her essay is also on many famous magazine and also Akito's fiancees, though it just the fancy of their Parents only.

She is also very cute to the point that Ana would like her to wear only cute clothes, and opposite to her; Arisa is very good in house Chores. When thing don't go her ways, she would show a "Puppy" face with many can't resist accepting her will. Despite loving Akito and want to be his Fiancee, Akito see her as his another Imouto instead. A relief to other and dismay to both Akiko and Arisa.

Reason being that Akiko want to be the only imouto in his eye. But unknown to both of them, Arashi, Ana and Gin move and live with Akito and Akiko was to ensure nothing happened between the two of them.

Arisa case being to do house chores and cook for the other, since she did graduated from the highest scholar, University.

The story is mostly the life of slice of the girls, and some part where they all trying to gain and earn Akito's affection to the point that they hold small competition and having Akito as the prize.

Another thing on the story is how the relation of Akito with each girls, and how they like to tease Akiko most of the time. But the reaction and relation between Akiko and Akito help him on his novel, which is actually popular in their world. The problem being Kaoruko trying to stop the two of from loving each other, though she later was told that only Akiko had a huge Brother Complex. Due to Akito's wiriting, she think other wise.

Interestingly, Arashi, Ana and Gin hold little worry since they are aware that Akito only see Akiko as Imouto than love interest, which they believe they hold more chances. But they are disappointed as the Imouto relation is something they can't break.

But due to living with the girls, Akito himself is aware he can't live a normal life and he actually enjoyed it. Though he try ways to avoid the attacking girls. Good thing I nor my Imouto hold the same complex relation as the Akito and Akiko, we both got our own life indeed.

As far as I peeked, which of the girls is your favorite in Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
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