Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Peeking at Hatsune Miku Nendoroid

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid will be having her first Nendoroid Friend, who happened to be Miku, and I do want to grab the latest one with my clean hands.

But seen like that Miku got less parts for the first series, which make the number 300 a better grab.

At least I can still play with Miku, plus she is just so cute not to peek at. With 2 cute Nendoroid which I able to peek daily, there no way my Peeking Eye wouldn't improve on it EyeSight.

Again, since it from the Goods Smile Company, it was cute enough to let me Smiling Silly to myself while taking a few photo of Miku. So let take a few peek at what I taken.

Miku N2

Again, I need to ask saber to lend him her Excalibur to help free Miku from her Box.

Miku N3

Very Less Parts, but Miku can still do many many Poses for Photo-taking

Miku N4

Miku meeting with Black Rock Shooter, seem like they hitting it off.

Miku N5

Miku N6

Miku N7

Miku N8

Miku N9

Miku N10

Seem like Miku can fly with her hair straight like that.

Miku N11

Miku N12

I wonder just what Miku is staring at, maybe she need to look at the poster behind her instead.

Miku N13

Miku N14

Beware of Leek being hit at the back of your head, when you turn your back toward Miku.

Miku N15

You want to eat her Leek?

Miku N16

Miku N17

Miku N18

Miku N19

Taking a Walk, look like Miku is ready for the next Walking Session.

Miku N20

Miku N21

So cute... now I smiling silly to myself again. Anyway Miku will be with Black Rock Shooter at my PC, and seem like both become good friends to the point that Black Rock Shooter is using her Blue flame to cook Miku Leek.. Hope it'll be Delicious~

Miku N22

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