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Creator - Yokoyari Mengo

Series - Manga
Published in Comic Sumomo, Futabasha
2 Volumes [Completed]
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Story Plot Start with the Hikasayama twins, Haruna and Wakana, both who confessed to Ono Matori. The thing is; he fine going with the two of them though he later on noticed that he was half asleep when the 2 girls confessed to him.

Unknown to Haru and Waka, Ono is actually an Ero Mangaka and made used of the girls as his models for his story plot and art. Reason being Ono's elder brother not working or earning any income, which is why Ono need to work for the expense himself.

The girls decided to help him as they both love him, and both not wanting to lose to each other as Love Rival over Twin.

Though hesitant at first for Haru, both girls been helping Ono as models, which greatly helps Ono since he make use of the events, and arts to earn a livings.

Due to drawing Manga, Ono tend to sleep in class most of the time. Funny thing why he can't choose between the girls was that he think both are cute and want to use them models.

The girls were aware of that and still love him, and even help him. But as the time go by, Ono noticed that the things he did with the girls, from singing karaoke, to going to the beach were very meaning to him. This caused him to notice that he actually love both the girls despite admitting that he love only 2D girls.

The interestingly plots for this manga is how both Haru and Waka trying their best to seduce ono, though Waka would be the one who is cool and collective, and wouldn't hesitant to do modelling and taking off her clothes (leaving her bra/panties only). The elder twin Haru being the Active and honest, and very pure and innocent of the two.

For the love of Ono, both sure dare to do almost anything, and would still support each other as they're twin. Another interesting fact for this story is no matter what both eat or personality might be different, they got their similar parts, like falling for the same guys and liking the same things.

Though the ending show Ono admitting his truth feelings to the 2 girls, the good thing that it considering a happy ending as they can continue to have their fun.

I like how the story being short and simple, at the same time how the girls trying to get close to Ono during their trips or little events. What I can't stop finding it very interesting is how this manga display a little bit of ecchi and yet the girls can later on get used to it.

Even funny is, how both the girls wish the things or events in Ono's Manga would actually really happen to the 2 of them. They both did agreed to attack Ono at the same time, but the mission was considered a failure. Strangely is how Ono was able to picture the events for his Manga, much to the girls disappointment.

Ono's Senpai, who taught Ono into Manga drawing, think the Manga as real though she did advice Ono about his love life. But not getting an answer might at least show that the girls both can get their chances together on Ono. Another interesting thing to note is how this Manga title after the twins as a pun.

With so much on my Peeking, do you personally like to go out with the Hikasayama Twins in Haruwaka?
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