Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peeking Session at EOY 2012

Went for some Peeking over at End of Year 2012, which is one of Singapore Year End Cosplay Events. There are a Stage where Singers or Performers doing their show.

And of course there are booths which sell some sweet Anime Goods like Can Badges and Straps.

Even when the events is held public and freely at Marina Barrage, the place is filled and full of Peekers, Grabbers and Cosplayers.

As for me, I was just going around peeking and staring around.

Miku and Rock-chan were with me when I went for the Walking Session over and those the place wasn't easy to get there, the end result of reaching there is still good.

The weather however play a big prank on many, with a morning rain, a very hot noon and another set of dark cloud before it rain for a short while. Still, there are shelter which is still good to stay around.

No doubt there are many different Cosplayers having photo-taken, and there are some who make good use of the background.

Some of them take near the Water Fountain, well some went up to the Garden instead.

Having a good place to take photo of Cosplayers is good, though many of them tend to hang out on the first floor. I also went to take a few peek of some interesting Anime Goods.

From Cloth Poster to Figurines, the most common stuffs I saw was there the badges and posters. I'm sure many would grab them since they look cute / cool.

There also booths where they sell some tasty bite and drink, and a Food Lorry out on the road too.

Also there are some display or Itasha; 2 Cars and 4 Bikes, and they sure look so cool. If you saw them on the road, do remember to give them a nice thumb up.

Also saw few of my friends down at the Events, and having a short chat before I go on peeking around.

There also some nice Dolls display which the theme is Maid Cafe, and surely the display was very nice. A good thumb up with my praise to the community of Fujiwara Yukino.

Also there a stage performance where many Singers singing their favor Anime Songs, and I did enjoy myself to some of the events too.

So let take some peek of the photo Taken with my Friend, Terence Au, who was I was hanging out during the Events, and Credits to him for the nice Photos~

Lunch 2

Lunch 1

Good to have some bites first before going to the event. I tend to have Heavy Bite so that I can continue walking for very long. Learn from Camel.

Bus to EOY 2012

Taking Bus Service 400 which is the only bus to reach the Event place.

Would you like to have a contract?

No need to register to go the the place, but you can sign a contract to be a Mahou Shojo / Shonen / Jisan or Obasan. Hope my Magic Wand is not a walking stick after signing the contract with him.

Kyuubi Salaryman on work

Kyuubi Salaryman showing his true face right after I signed the contract...

Where the Toilet?

No worry if you need to know where the Toilets are. There are Sign around to point the directions.

Poster 1

Poster 3

Poster 2

Crowd 6

Crowd 7

Crowd 2

Crowd 3

Crowd 4

Crowd 5



A Shade Umbrella is needed since the weather was hot.


Itasha 1-2

Itasha 2

 Doll At Eoy 1

Fujiwara Yukino and her Friends at the Dolls Maid Cafe. Did you want to let your Daughters and Sons have a bite there?

Doll At Eoy 2


PedoBear Stare~

Doll At Eoy 14

Doll At Eoy 12

Doll At Eoy 13

Doll At Eoy 11

Doll At Eoy 10

Doll At Eoy 9

Doll At Eoy 8

Doll At Eoy 7

Doll At Eoy 6

Doll At Eoy 5

Doll At Eoy 4

Doll At Eoy 3

EOY 2012 Cosplay 14

EOY 2012 Cosplay 12

EOY 2012 Cosplay 11

EOY 2012 Cosplay 10 - 2

EOY 2012 Cosplay 10

I wonder how they can stand so high and take on the heat

EOY 2012 Cosplay 9

EOY 2012 Cosplay

EOY 2012 Cosplay 2

EOY 2012 Cosplay 3

EOY 2012 Cosplay 4

EOY 2012 Cosplay 5

EOY 2012 Cosplay 6

EOY 2012 Cosplay 7

EOY 2012 Cosplay 8

EOY 2012 Cosplay 13

Miku want a ride at Ferry Wheel

That all, since Miku also wanted a ride on the Singapore big Wheel. Well hope you enjoy some peeking here. Good day.

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