Monday, December 10, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 10 December 2012

Sure the Weather is cold is many Countries now, since it the Winter Season and Christmas is nearing with each passing day.

So let take a peek at recent Figurines to warm our hearts with their cuteness.

Tony Tony Chopper @Amiami

Even after 2 years, Tony Tony didn't change much for his small and monster modes, but his other 5 forms did.

Also, since he is a Reindeer, you can expect him to have very warm fur, which hugging him is very warming indeed.

He can change his Hats instead of his Form for this figurines, but he is wearing a very nice clothes which made him seem like a Pirate Captain himself, and a very cute one on top of it. Well, his face expression sure help him look like one hell of a pirates too.

If you want a pet, maybe you want to go for some cute girls, and this time Green Hair Nozomi is joining her friends.

se Kirara 1/7 Scale Figurine @Amiami

Don't ask me why she lifting her dress up like that, but this Mysterious Transfer Student from the Eroge se Kirara of Max Factory sure still have that mysterious Aura and Face Expression on her.

The latter 2 girls was released earlier and another 2 more might be coming out at later timing, since the Figma Version got a set of 5 girls.

But those girls sure look good on their nice dress uniforms, and for Nozomi, she look so pretty that some might want to lie down on the floor to see her under skirt. I really wonder why they go give her that pose though.

The three girls are around 6,000 Yen each, so it depend on which girls you want to invite, or you can just ask all 3 out like how a Harem king do.

Another Students joining her friend in another series is also up for pre-order.

Frau Koujiro Nendoroid @Amiami

She will be joining Akiho Senomiya, plus she got her own Robot accompany her too, though I was shocked to see that she can also let her Hair down.

I sometime do wonder why some cute Girls with their Hair tie up like Pony / Twin tails can look so different when their hair are let down.

Same go for some guys with hairstyle. In anyway, Fran sure know how to drag her robot around and walking around, but what got me Sparkly Eye for this is also her Face Expression, next to the hairstyle.

Though the Eye Brows might show some different emotion, but her Eye is what got me thinking whether if she is such a Emotionless girl. Her Smiling Face look more like she is smirking, but she still look cute. For those who like those type of Eye, maybe this what you're waiting for.

If anyway want a girl who is not only insanely lucky, but also a spirit fighter, then this School girl is what you looking for.

Ichiko Sakura & Momiji (Hitodama Form) @Amiami

Well, she isn't really a girl who fight against spirit, but she got a wooden sword which she can use to fight with. And if one follow the Series Binbougami ga!

Then you might be aware that she go against Gods for most of the story. Even Momiji is actually a Misfortune Gods herself.

And she is joining Sakura in her Hitodama Form, which seem to make her look like a side-kick. And those who look at this figurines will tend to look at Sakura more than Momiji and mistaken the little ghost-like being the sidekick too. Still, Sakura and Momiji look very cute with their pose.

A lucky girl and a misfortune Gods, both in a package for the price of 6.070 yen at Amiami is consider a good clean hand grabbing.

There are Students who have Servants, like how Shirou have Saber.

Fate/stay night: Saber Posable Figure @Amiami

This Chibi Form of Saber actually activated my Sparkly Eye due to her cuteness, and to think that this is actually 110mm Tall.

Interestingly, she can do many different pose, which is like Nendoroid / Figma though her legs and the base are magnets to ensure she can pose nicely.

That sure shocked me, plus she is cute and to think that she cost 2,990 Yen over at Amiami which is a good considering to grab.

She also got her range of weapons, and face expression to play with. But since she got Magnet on her, so some electronic device are best not place near her, or place her near one either. I not sure how strong that magnet is, but better safe than never. Would be best that she can levitate, if the magnet of the legs and base are oppose to each other.

Last figurines to showcase and again, Fans Service are best place last to close this week Figurines report off.

Kuroko Shirai Bunny Ver. 1/4 Scale @Amiami

Did I forget to mentioned that she is also a Student too in the Series?

Bunny Girl! Well, I sure do like Bunny and Neko myself, and Mikoto Misaki will be joining Kuroko at a later timing in a white bunny suit. Wonder why she is sitting though.

Might be due to the nice details and the scaling of this figurine, she is 14,250 Yen and Misaki will be be also cost around the same. Might be costly, but the Scale and Details do make up for them, which is good to have plus they are good to have at any Bar / Cafe. They will help to serve your customers which there might be more Peekers than Drinkers.

As far as I peeked, so any Cute Figurine Warm your heart yet?

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