Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 30 December 2012

Wish I can be lazy for the rest of my life, but it do seem like I need to finish all my stuffs, which seem to be impossible.

But watching Anime, Manga and Peeking at Figurine and Dollfie, while at the same time needing to finish on my Gunpla for Dual and Buster Gundam.

Look like being a Neet is the only way out, but there also Games which I also need to finish, and they never seem to end....

Still, able to know that they are continue to have more is a good thing, and I can at least finish them the fastest possible of my pace. Still I wonder how long I can finish them one shot.

I do can get lazy and just wanted to lie in Bed, or go out for walking just to kill time doing nothing. Still, that didn't stop me from not wanting to blog at least.

That same go for Manga and other.

Problems is, they are increasing more and faster than I can expected, and to think that I can still take my time to build the Dual Gundam, and at least he got a body without it arms yet. Let just say I need to slowly build it.

Wasn't expect Games and Gunpla taken a hell lot of time from me, and the cut scenes and dialogue are just too interesting not to miss. Taking a break in between is still a must and self control too.

Not eating will get me in trouble since I don't want to suffer a stomach pain from not eating. Yup, it Gastric Pain which is very unbearable, and I can't eat for extra while before I can eat again. Seem like my exercising is lessen due to all the stuffs I been doing, but I still need to ensure I fit enough to pass the hospital checkup which I will be having next year.

Well, it only 2 more days to next year anyway.

So let peek at what I been peeking this weeks and look forwards to the New Years.

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