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Fujimura-kun Mates

Fujimura-kun Meitsu
Fujimura-kun Mates

Creator - Shiki Seiichi

Series - Manga
Published in GanGan ONLINE, Square Enix
6 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story plot started with Fujimura, a lone delinquent who is feared by many, due to an event on his first day of school where he beat up other delinquents in order to help one girl.

Due to his bad reputation, he had been sending off many delinquents to hospital, and ditching off class in order to avoid other people due to the rumors.

Problems start to come to him when Usami Eriko, a class representative, decided to go after him for skipping classes. And the first problem she caused to him was holding Fujimura's house cat, Moonlight, in a funny way.

She even threatened to paint the cat's nipples black if Fujimura continues to ditch classes.

Well the cat escape which is a good thing, and the main problem is that Eriko is a girl who is not only cute and was voted for last year school Idol, but she is someone with a few screw loose.

And here start Fujimura's life full of himself being the tsukkomi. This manga make me remember another Manga Series; D Frag.

Both main male characters are delinquents to start with and they will give tsukkomi no matter how hard it is. Plus both of their life are change due to girls with few screw loose.

I can't stop laughing at this 2 Manga punchline, and for this manga, Eriko started her duty on ensuring Fujimura going back to school. Problem is, She is from Class A and Fujimura of Class F, meaning she is representative of another class. Turned out that due to a meeting with the Student Council, 3 Class representatives are to keep a close eye on Fujimura.

Inui Claudia Chiiko, another loose screw but very strong girl, and another guy, Helmet (Kabuto) who like to wear a helmet. Well, he wasn't given a name, so let stick to Kabuto as that name sound nicer. The kanji used for Kabuto is really Helmet in English.

Interestingly, if the helmet is wet, Kabuto will weaken and he got his own organization where he give love advice. Also all the guys in the organization wear Helmets.

The Class Representatives mission is to ensure Fujimura continue to attend classes, and also to find him a girlfriends. So they place up posters to see who will register to be Fujimura's girlfriend. Funny thing is Eriko registered it first.

But that didn't stop there, for Fujimura's girlfriends candidate. Another girl turned out to be the Student Council President, Urabe Shitzuru. Due to a few misunderstanding, she thought that Fujimura was confessing and in love with her, and caused her to registered into it too.

But turned out later on that she got a crush on Fujimura, interesting fact is that she also give the punchline herself. And she get lost a lot of time to the point that she can appear at funny timing at funny place, even coming out of the Sewer.

Last girl to make the list is Yumitzuka Subaru, the current School Idol who is not only cute, but is in love with Fujimura who was the leader of a gang whom fujimura defeated once.

But due to a comment make by Fujimura, Subara called him Oniichan and later on decided to become his girlfriend. Interesting, she is the Yandere in this story, and how nice when she show her true face.

So when the stage clear up and show to the whole school the three girls, the boys all were upset and angry at Fujimura as both Eriko and Subaru become his girlfriends, but relieved when Urabe is in the list.

But the Vice president just list all 3 of them as his girlfriends, which change his life to another level, and at first 3 of them want to be his only girlfriend, but later all 3 are fine with each other and even agree to be with Fujimura together.

Funny thing come when Fujimura's older sister learnt of the things. Still Fujimura admit that he like how he enjoyed his life when he is with his friends, though he tend to be the one giving punchline.

As far as I peeked, do you want to listen to Fujimura's way of Tsukkomi with Fujimura-kun Mates?

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