Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pack, Peek and Plan 2

Did some Cooking for past few days, including eating out too, but to think that Last Night I suffer a sudden pain on the side of my body and having High Fever,

Went to a nearby Clinic and good thing I don't need to go hospital after 2 Injections to my Butt. Still, if the pain become too severe, then I need to head over to the hospital.

Currently there still some pain, but I was given some Painkiller and other pills to lessen the pain. And now I need to lessen my Food intake and drink bit more water instead.

Even I didn't eat Dinner last night and went to sleep after back from the clinic. Well, I was planning to blog on some more stuffs last night, but due to the pain, I wasn't.

But now that the pain is not that much, I will be blogging more for now, and later 2 more posts, one on the Curry I created yesterday, and the EOY 2012 which I suppose to done it last night.

I still need to rest for a few days, which mean some of my planning were cancel including today walking Session where I was going to take some Peek over at Ikea.

Even if I can drive instead of taking a train / bus, the pain on the side of my body still hurt and best I rest for a few days just in case. Pushed them to next week since there wasn't much stuffs next week.

But that doesn't mean I will not be blogging or posting anything. It been a while since I last post on a few Manga only post, and there many interesting Anime to share too.

As for now, let me take a short rest before I post up some of the photo and post. In the meantime, why not take a few peek on some of my previous posts?

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