Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Kill Me, Baby (with laughter) XD

キルミーベイベー (Kiru Mī Beibē) 
[Alt Name - Kill Me Baby | Baby, please kill me]

Author: Kaduho
Published in Manga Time Kirara Carat, Houbunsha

Manga: Chapter 1 - 33 [Oncoming]
Anime: Chapter 1 - 8 [Oncoming] 

Read it @ Manga Reader
Watch it @ Anime 44 

Well well, it been a while that i had to force myself to take a break (from laughter) after reading an interesting manga recommended by one of my friends. Nice one!

As you can see in the information, it also released under the same Magazine as Dream Eater Merry, but different Part, as this one is Kirara Carat. In case you not sure about Dream Eater Merry, click here to read more.

This started out as a short 4 panel story films about Sonya, an Assassin, and Yasuna Oribe, a dimwitted happy go lucky girl, as they act out a series of Manzai act, while living by each day.

The story is, in my sense, Funny to the maximum, and as it get on, even more funny. Well my friend (who recommended) and I was laughing non-stop while watching anime, and for me Manga beforehand first.

You just have to give the credit to Kaduho (Author) for making this interesting and funny manga, and for the best part, having an anime to it.

For both Sonya and Yasuna playing Manzai, which is well-known in Japan as Double Act, is already funny, just based on the manga, for the anime, I had to admit it that the Funniness and Cuteness have went up to another whole new level!

Sonya is voiced by Mutsumi Tamura, who is also known for voicing in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere as Toussaint Neshinbara, while Chinatsu Akasaki voiced Yasuna, who also voiced in Senki Zesshō Symphogear as Yumi Itaba.

I could just imagine the both of them playing the Manzai at the studio personally during their taking. And i did went to a voice taking studio in Japan, the Yoyogi Animation Gakuin, which I was hoping to go there for a short courses on Manga, Anime and Voice acting. 

That time i only went there for 1 day, to understand how they work on teaching students who want to do Manga, Anime or Voicing acting, I am grad that I did attend a 1 day course too, and it was a total bonus.
As I had promised the head there, as not to leak and/or post about their workplace, I am not allow to upload to show you guys the photo that i taken there, sadly..

Although I did promised not to leak their voice acting session and classroom... only.. so that didn't stop me from taking photo of outside their workplace! ... (^u^ )(V)
So i can post some photo, outside of the building and the wall/figurine at their shop, which i given some paper and bought some drawing material there... (*v* ;;)

Anyway, i do hope you guy started to read and/or watch Kill Me Baby, since it is funny and interesting, but do take a short break in between the Manga / Anime, otherwise you will (likely to) end up with a stomachache from "over" laughing.. (^_^ |")

Photos at the Y.A.G building:-

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