Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EA First-person Shooter Games

Syndicate(Reboot Version)
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It seem that Syndicate is released to the world, and the different thing from it original version of the game is the changing from Tactical Shooter to First-Person Shooting. Even if one was say that it is the re-boot version. Well, try looking into the trailer first before shooting them out.

But based on the game play as shown in youtube (by PlayscopeTrailer), it really something like Mass Effect 3, which is due to be out next month. EA company sure know how to make FPS game, and making those gamers itchy heart and hand...

well, as what is the best part to the game is that there are no-line pass required, unlike other games, due to "no competitive mode" in the game. As to why he say, I am not sure if there are any upgrade to the weapon or skill in the game, but as shown in the below co-op mission (by gamesoverdose), I think it gonna be Single or Multi Player Mission only, since there are no Player vs Players part in the game.

Mass Effect 3
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EA also releasing another First person shooter on 6 March 2012, and Yes, it is 2 weeks after the Syndicate.
The Story this time continue from Mass Effect, in which Reapers had invaded Earth, and you play as Commander Shepard, in which you can customize your character avatar, from choosing the gender(Fe/Male) to custom the face.

But it not only the face that you will wasting your time to customizing, the game consist of additional skills, in which you can gain, by playing and building up as you play on, but upgrading your squad by adding their skills. But after playing the game demo in play station 3 personally, i am not very sure about the upgrading of weapon yet..

But unlike the Multi Player, you can choose your race to play and you can choose/customize your weapons, instead of your character.

Based on the game, it seem that it also will be a Co-op Mission in this game too, but you will be defeating "Waves" of enemies, ranging from Cerberus to even Reapers themselves.

Between this 2 games, if you got the money, you can go for both, but if you just want to get 1 only to try out FPS style, choose yourselves. But I will be getting Mass Effect with my friends since I played and like the demo in the PS3.

Well, it still up to you, on which First Person Shooter style, that you want. If you cannot wait, then go get Syndicate, otherwise you can save up first then wait just 2 week for the Mass Effect 3.

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