Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Celebrating Mother's Birthday

Ok, Yesterday Night did celebrated my mother's birthday, and of course we did brought a simple small cake.

Not like we are able to eat a lot right after dinner, and we did got a small little present for her too.

It seem that Chinese New Year is nearing, so there were some cleaning to ensure the dirt are clear out, but like I said way before, they never stop working, so need to clean a few times.

Like how I clear out a lot of old newspaper and clothes, I did add in back new one, and newspaper each days are filled with many news. Wonder if there will be one day without any minor or major incidents.

I think that would be very hard to achieve at all. Be it good or bad, they will be happen to appear in the papers no matter what.

Well, my mum did wish for nothing bad happen to our family, even I always wish for my family's safety when I go out for some walking session. Maybe I need to wish for something to happen instead, like having a girlfriend, but that will be something impossible.

Because for now, with the Chinese New Year nearing, a few days after will be the Valentine Day, and that will be many couples going around and about.

For me is to take some walking session alone, if I got the time on that day. In anyway, my family and I don't really celebrate birthday in any big way.

I did once, but the turn out with not many people, so I also sticking back to buying one small cake and celebrate. Used to buy cake a few to bite on, but it seem like I not doing that much myself.

But I will give up when it come to Cheese Cake instead, and I do like Cheese Cake next Chocolate Cake, Black Forest can stand one side cos I don't like anything in between the cake. That why choosing cake for mum, will also need to consider my imouto and mine taste too. Well, my Imouto is allergy to Chocolate.

Don't ask me why, cos I not Doctor and I not sure why. Might be due to my dad's DNA, though both used to love Chocolate so much. With so much thing to note and do, time sure pass by very fast.

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