Monday, January 7, 2013

Seven Sisters! (Manga)

Seven Sisters!

Creator - Fujioka Toki

Series - Manga
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory
13 Chapters so far [Ongoing]

More Info @Baka
Peek @Batoto [Latest Sub at Chapter 5]

Story plot Start with  Minagawa Ichir having been transferring Schools due to his parent job, and the latest one being a great school, Reimei Academy, one of the famous private academies given the title "Seven Sisters". Interestingly fact, there is a real College in this real world having the same title, though it based on Arts, unlike this Manga Story.

Minagawa hate anything that need to make a choice, be it good or bad. But unknown to him, he been elected as the Student Council President which so happened to be empty at the moment.

Any mean of quitting or resign is forbidden so he will need to stick to being the role model. At least he got a pretty vice president who going to help him anyways.

Kirishima Shitone was to guide Minagawa around the school, until they almost got into a blast, which Minagawa saved her from. Turned out the fight was a girl trying to find the one who hurt her friends.

Minagawa find the situation very troublesome and he rejected his help much to Kirishima's anger. This gotten them off a bad impression start though initially Minagawa got a hint at who was the real culprit who been hurting girls around.

Interesting is that there is a power which many other students can use strange power after placing an armband on, which those powers based off their "Idea" which is what they believe on, kind of remind me of the same principle on Esper on Majutsu no Index.

Kirishima's able to use 2 katana at once, which she claims able to slice and kill off bad Idea, or other person's Sin. After which the "Victims" are back to normal, they forgot about their fight with the "Double Edge", though she was later remember as the "Saint", unknowingly that both are the same person.

Despite holding the Student President Armband, problem being that he can't seem to use any powers. Well at the least the Fan Services in this manga are able to cover it up.

And to think both the President and the Vice President are staying in the same dorm, which seem like a house and they got a Maid who actually a member of the student Council.

Well, not bad for a short peeking Manga, though it seem that it lacking the taste of tension or fight in the Plot, which maybe the author going for more Fan Service instead. It also isn't every day that you got a Main character who actually wish not to be a Main Character.

But with the short monthly release, and each chapter barely reach a lot, it hard to say more on this manga, which is why I say the first 5 chapters are fine for short peeking.

What I can give praise is the art of the manga, which is very nicely done, and to think that most of the girls get to show their body unwillingly. I also don't understand the later plot for chapter 6 to 13, so I got nothing to say. Maybe Minagawa will show his power at later timing or he will continue to the unwillingly party.

As far as I peeked, do you want to use power after putting on an Armband in Seven Sister?

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