Monday, January 21, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Tumbler

If you're wondering how great an Anime Design Tumbler is good, then maybe I will say a few obvious and yet so easy to overlook reason why they are so good to have.

Well, that will depend on how the user is going to think before grabbing one of them, or having some being owning one and yet having no idea what to do with it.

Let start off with the original world Tumbler, which is actually a Flat-bottomed Drinking Glassware, and it actually look so plain and normal, one never consider them as Tumblers.

About half in the Wikipedia about Tumblers show that they were mainly used for alcohol drinks instead, but the common Straight Tumblers with caps are nowadays used for plain waters, Coffee, Tea or Hot drinks. They are stand about a normal hot drinks at around 90 Degrees, but did anyone considered that it can also stand Cold Drinks as low as near -30 Degrees?

Well, I wonder what kind of cold can go that low, since if a normal drink that, I believe it not going to be a normal frost bite or brain freeze at all.

So let take a few peek on a few examples, and you can consider grabbing a few at Amiami, or other site with Tumblers.

Tumbler Info @Wikipedia

Some tumbler @Amiami
-Super Sonico
-Kirito, Asuna
-Black Rock Shooter
-Some More Other

Those at Amiami site will notice that all of them got a cap, and there might some who show them at some Coffee/Tea Cafe for take away. Those Tumblers aren't wrong for drinking Hot drinks, and do thank those characters on the cup for their help to warm your drinks with their warm body.

Whether the drinks will magically turn more tasty due to the Anime Tumblers will vary between drinkers, but what I do know is that some tumblers really able to keep warm the hot drinks longer than a normal drinking cups. A normal mug which can also warm is also good, as long as either the mug or tumblers is double layer structure.

What make those Anime Tumblers so nice is that the design on the cup is so good, you can slowly enjoy your drink and admired the design at the same time.

You can also consider using the tumblers as normal decoration due to the design on the cover, and it do seem that there are some which can change the cover design somehow.

But either way, the cup itself is so great just to keep warm/cold of the drinks, and maybe magically enhance the taste too.

Normally you can consider drinking from the cups after opening the cap, some just take off the entire caps instead.

When leaving the tumblers one side while it keeping the water inside warm, cool or normal, the design can also be use to liven up the environments, like your own working desktop. If you got a few of them and wish not to use them instead, you can place them around your home as decoration instead.

You don't need to think whether they get dirty from the duct at all since the tumblers can be wash anyway.

Although a normal tumblers is made of glass, and use to be serve drinks, Anime Tumblers are use for drinking normal or warm drinks.

Those tumblers are commonly made of AS Resin and are in the shape of a normal cup to a long straight cup.

The cups of those tumblers is the interesting part, as they are very different, while some are used to as a normal cover, some acts as a cap to cover the tumbler and letting the drinkers to drink from the cap as if it a normal water bottle too. Some who don't dare to risk the leak from the cap will just drink directly from the tumblers instead.

I personally do remove the caps first before drinking.

Those nice Anime Tumblers are normal average price range of 1,000 to 2,000 yen, so there are some Grabbers who buy those nice tumblers for collection more than using them.

So if you are going to show off, might as well use them as home decoration, or admired those nice design or picture on the tumblers from time to time.

The reason why I say home decoration is that when you need a tumblers immediately or urgently, at least you got one acting as a home decoration, though you need to wash them first. If you don't wish to use them, better care and inform your family members or friends who come to visit you, that those are home decoration and not to be used.

But using it once or twice is fine, since they can be wash anyway.

As far as I peek, do you own any Tumbler too?

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