Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pack, Peek and Plan 3

First thing to do after the New year is to clear the room of dirt, duct and making it clean and clear for the coming Chinese New Year.

The packing thing and stuffs are the problem, which I also been Anime Peeking at some old series, which are still very nice and fresh to me.

Will be slowly placing them up at a later timing, though I can't stop myself from not continuing peeking at those nice Anime and Manga.

There are just too many of them which are very interesting and activating my Sparkly Eye.

They are Entertainment indeed, which is why they are very fresh and interesting, plus they got no Expiry Date at all, which mean they can continue to be peek at even when they ended.

Time sure pass by so fast that I haven't notice the timing, and I need to stop myself just to go and take a short break, doing some quick cleaning and back to peeking.

To think that I got less time to concentrate on my game which I got from my friends. Actually I just finished on a few of them by their story, so that I can continue with another games story.

Problem is those with the leveling system which I need to grind like a few hours, which seem like a few minutes to me. By the time I notice my levels is high enough, the sky is already dark.

I wonder why I never notice why my hiding spot is very dark, or just that I used to my room being very dark.

After all, I do like dark hiding spot, but of course I got some light in my room to let me see clearer. Also it better for my Peeking eyes too.

Time to head back into the Anime and Manga world for now. I do need to head out for a few day for stuffs to do.

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