Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 17 January 2013

It seem like there are a few new figurines up for pre-order over at Amiami, and a few of them got me all Sparkly Eye.

I must say that the figurines are getting nicer and nicer, so let start the peeking for this week figurines.

First to start the Race would be Miku!

Racing Miku 2012 ver. @Amiami

Though it may be last year version, but the dress Miku wear is still cute and nice, with that flag she waving to signify the start of a race.

What amazed me about this is that the details of her hair which also need a support for each twintails, and the dress that Miku is also not bad. I really at a lost of words for this actually, as this figurines look so great and if you place it near the door of your room, you can just race out as if you're on a race.

A great way to start the day, don't you think so?

But there will be a roadblock.

Karen Araragi @Amiami

I not going to get hit by her powerful strength or against that huge Road Roller, but for an Imouto who is taller than her own Big Brother, that just make me wonder if she is the eldest instead.

What made me laugh was when she actually carry her own brother, who regretted it as he find it very weird.

The amazing thing about her, able to exercise to the extreme and being the hot-headed despite being a girl, but she do have her own female charm as well.

Well, maybe due to the way she wear in her t-shirt with a pants, it would be a rare surprise when she do wear a dress or skirt, like once in the Anime.

And after the roadblock is a bridge, but it seem someone is also preventing you to move on.

Parsee Mizuhashi @Amiami

A youkai bridge princess, who got the control over Jealousy, sure isn't someone to cross if you're going to cross that bridge.

What amazing about this figurines is that it totally look more cuter and anime like than the first design, plus she look more like some cute princess yokai.

The way she wear seem to make her more like a normal girl out on a walking trip, or waiting for someone at the bridge.

If you need to cross that bridge, best ask her for permission first. However I would think that the bridge she overlooking is the one led to the underworld though.

Maybe halfway a cute girl will appear.

Crea Dolosera @Amiami

Better don't cross her, as she is not just clever with over 300 IQ, but also another powerful person in a cute dress.

There were hint that she is also a reincarnation of a powerful girl, but this figurines look don't seem like it. Well she can cross her arms and remove her hat.

Good thing she is just trying to stop you in the race, cos she can teleport to the finishing line if she is in the race. Still, better get out of there if she going to be your opponents.

Amazingly, her appearance might be hidding something, her real age and also her power.

Maybe you need a girl to subdue you to prevent you from continuing the race.

Konomi Yuzuhara @Amiami

Personally, I would stare at her and forgot about the race, and one thing for sure, she can remove her top.

Dangerously, if you get nosebleed easily.

She is indeed cute and to top it off with her Amazing way of wearing, like how her friend also wear. The original color version of her is pink, but maybe white really suit konomi.

If you're really want to win the race, better close your eye and make a run for it.

But there will be another girl in sexy bunny girl going to shock and stop you.

Mikoto Misaka Bunny Ver. @Amiami

Seem like Mikoto make an appearance after Kuroko, and she is in the white bunny suit which also look great on her.

If you do saw her, don't be fool by her bunny suit, but to afraid since she is the Level 5 Railgun, who also known as Biri-biri, the shocker.

One shock of her electricity and you will be out cold for the whole race. Amazingly for a sexy bunny suit, Mikoto actually look very cute in the suit instead.

Really a shock indeed, even when there no electricity I can still get shocked.

The final goal and to end this week figurines report, again will be a bit of fans services.

Fate Testarossa Swimsuit Ver. @Amiami

Seem like she finally turn up with Nanoha, but I wonder why she is biting on to her device though.

Both of them are very cute standing next to each other, and since they still got their magical device with them, best not to think they let down their guard even they are going to the beach or swimming pool.

When they both grow up, both look pretty and sexy too, which is amazingly dangerous when they still able to use magic device as adult.

For me, blue is one of my favor color and she wearing a swimsuit with some blue on it. Very cute of her.

As far as I peeked, any of the amazing figurines activate your Sparkly Eyes?

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