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Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi

Seikoku no Doragunā
The Star-Marked Dragner

Creator - Shiki Mizuchi


Light Novel
Drawn by Kohada Shimesaba
Published by Media Factory
10 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Drawn by RAN
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory
3 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story Plot started with the School most problematic Child, who doesn't has his own Dragon, but able to ride other people's dragon; Ash Blake.

Those got own their own Dragon after receiving the Blessing Mark, Seikoku, from the Dragon Mother. Both the Master and Dragon are trained in Ansarivan Academy, with the students as Rider first before they got their own path.

Dragon are to be care by their own Master (Commonly known as Bleeder), which they give back Magic Power, like Crystal which can be used as Magical Medium and for some case, Magical Armors and Weapons.

Though the varies and types of dragon, like Strider (Air Dragon) and Aashia (Earth Dragon), there is a power and ranking different between each of them, which is unknown to the humans. Which is why there are many researchers doing researchers on Dragons.

It is also said that the Seikoku mark the link between the Bleeders and the Dragons, so each dragons can only let their own Bleeders to ride on them, if other try to ride; they will retaliate. But strangely, Ash is the only person who is able to ride on other people's dragon, and though the Seikoku is just a small mark on a person's body, Ash's Seikoku had covered almost his whole left Arm.

Which is why he tend to cover his mark by bandaging it, in order to hide it from the other. Despite receiving the Blessing from the Dragon Mother from a young age, his dragon wasn't born which set the rumor that his dragon may had been dead for very long.

But strangely for Ash, he been having dream of a beautiful naked girl at the start of the story, but he been having that way before the story too. Also due to the bad start with the Royal Knight 4th Princess, Silvia Lautreamont, Ash challenged her in the coming up race to see who can best each other.

During the actual Race day, Rebecca Randall, the School Council President and the strongest in the school, set another new rule; who ever win the race, will get to date with her for a full day.

She is the master of the Kuu Hurin, a Maestro (Master Dragon) and having her own Magical Armor and Weapon. Not even the school instructors can beat her too. It no wonder that both the Male and Female wanted the date with her. Also the flavor to win was Silvia due to her statues, but also her attitude which rise the tension for those who try to get near her. Ash did point that out which is why she doesn't have any friends.

Thanks to Ash, Silvia was able to continue her race and win it, though Ash half way drop out due to Brigit (Ash's friend, Raymond's Dragon) unable to continue the race. It strange for many that Dragons seem to only like Ash other than their own Master, when it said that Dragon are too proud to acknowledge other.

Right after Ash Drop out, he encounter a masked person, Milgauss, from the Empire due to his Weapons. Another girl under the masked man attacked Ash and landed both of them near the cliff.

Though Ash was able to defeat her, but saved her when he notice the ground around the both of them started to crumple. And as he fall off the cliff, his Seikoku Mark grow and burn, which signify the birth of his Dragon whom he named, Eko.

At first I though the summary of the story said that the Dragon was born from an Egg, but was cheated of my feeling when the Egg is actually the Seikoku Mark. But the drawing of Eko born out of Ash seem to be overkill, but sweet.

Due to the process, it seem that Eko saved Ash in between the fall and they landed safely on the ground. But as they started to wonder why Eko is the only Dragon who got the form of a normal Human, Rebecca and Silvia went and search for Ash after the race, which Silvia won. Rebecca also find it strange that Kuu Hurin was able to find them straight away, but find it even more strangely when found out that Ash's Dragon turned out to be a Dragon in human form.

Eko do have the sneeze of a Dragon and having 2 soft horn on top of her head, that took the form of 2 round padding-like. Soft Horn are the sign of a baby Dragon, which will grow and harden as they grow and age. But due to Eko's birth, she is to be checked and examine, but by the top researcher, Angela Cornwell.

Angela did kidnapped Eko and try to cut her to learn more about her, but was stop by the timing arrive of Ash and Silvia. But after both Angela and Silvia saw the Large Seikoku Mark and the bond between Eko and Ash, Angela decided not to cut Eko, but to do researches on Ash as well.

Another interesting fact is that Ansal herbs are like alcohol to Dragon. Despite the bad start, Silvia did apologized to Ash due to their chatting when she mentioned that Ash's dragon could be dead. But at the same times, it seem that her "flag" been rise and had come feeling for Ash. But she mentioned that she fall in love with the one that help and save her when she was young.

After that events, with Angela becoming the Teacher in their class, Rebecca also invited both of them to be in their Student Councils. Initially before the invitation, they did went to town for as group date, since Silvia did won the date in the race. But later on the town was attacked by an Undead Dragon, Necromancer,

It also seem that the Masked Man was behind this, and though the Dragon was inferior to Kuu Hurin, the ability not to die and massive regeneration was the worst thing to fight, plus he had "eaten" Eko which cause Ash to try to ride the Necromancer.

With Silvia and Eko's help, and Rebecca protecting the towns, Ash was able to ride the Necromancer and earning his first Magical Armor, which was named the Silver Knight due to the Divine color of the Armor.

This sparkly the School to have Ash's fan club and with the Fan Club President, Jessica Valentine, wanting to give birth to Ash's Child. It is also revealed that the abilities of the person's Seed can be passed on to the child, much like how Genes and DNA go by.

In order to cover the Sliver Knight's identity, both Ash and Silvia joined the Student Council, Silvia was drunk by Rebecca at first, and Eko was fooled instead and becoming the Student Council Mascot. But despite their bad reputation, both Ash and Silvia was accepted by the Students Mass, who both of them try their best. Also both grow more power and more determined as the story go on. Well, Eko's identity was also later reveal to be someone who all dragons must give their respect to her.

Most probably due to that, which is why Ash was able to ride on all Dragons (except Eko) and able to communicate with their thought, even if he doesn't have the mark that link the dragon he ride on.

The Masked Man is also some one who know the place so well that I actually what was the purpose of him hiding his once existence and trying to make Necromancers.

I haven't peek into that much further, but that the summary for the first few volumes. But what activated my sparkly eye into peeking into this was due to the reason that during my Book Peeking Session at Kinokuniya once, it was placed next to one of the Light Novel I was look for; Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu.

Both Eko and Claire Rouge are red-haired, small body with flat chested, and to top it off, Tsundere~. I will find it no surprise if they both get the same Seiyuu, but it seem that Eko got a drama CD voiced by someone else. But one thing for sure, both the Creators like to let the girls to torture the main characters, despite both light novel are of different Creators.

But to me, I find this two light Novel to be similar but they got their own life and story in their own way. And due to my curiosity at first into peeking this book, I started to like this Light novel too.

As far as I peeked, do you also want to be a Bleeders and own a Dragon in Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi?

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