Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 13 January 2013

This Week was resting at home due to current health issues, which one time even act up during my late night Walking Session at Orchard Road with my Imouto.

The good things is that I'm fine, but not for long yet. I still need to rest up a bit more before I can say anything much.

Tomorrow I'll be going down to confirm and check out my current health after the scan on Friday, so hopefully I'll be fine and be of no issue. I actually wonder why I need to scan a few more times just to be safe by the doctor.

Due to the rest, I can peek into my Light novels and Manga mostly, though next week it be more only Anime. There are just so many interesting series which activated my Sparkly Eyes, but the newer series will be only placed up by me after I peek a few more episodes to know about it story.

It isn't like I am going to do each episodes review myself, but I do summarized and spoil a few myself though.

This week Figurines got 2 sets of figurines which is my best recommend to grab with your clean hands. So if you're wondering which, just click on the report below to know more.

Mada's Figurines Report 8 January 2013

It also seem like Mr Danny Choo did place one of the set up too. Well, Sword Art Online is really one good anime, though I been peeking at the Light Novel for very long. Vocaloid is still cute as ever.

Mada's Anime Goods Report 13 January 2013

But there are just too many Anime Goods that are based off Sword Art Online too, though I wonder if it was due to me just only peeking at those only.

Since the Chinese New Year is nearing and the common thing is to buy new things, maybe a few Anime Goods would be great.

Also I been peeking at Manga and Light Novels, so this time let me recommend 4 of the Series, which is good for Manga Peeking during to their not so much Chapters at the moment.

Manga / Light Novels
-Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi
-In Bura!
-Renai Shimasen Ka?
-Seven Sisters!

Best not to wait for too long, or you'll end up forgetting about it, and by the time your remember, there might be too much chapters to start it. Just take a while to peek at them, though I had to admit that they got a few fans service which is great for the Peeking eye.

As for now, I'll be back to peeking at some Light Novels and having an early nap, Tomorrow I do need to see the doctor for my current health issues.

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