Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peeking Around Again 8

Ok, yesterday really went bit of over board in watching some Running Man show that I forgot about the timing again.

Well, I do like the show due to the tension, jokes and the games, but I think I better rest my eyes and mind, and at the same time my stomach due to too much laughing.

Due to that, to think that I actually going to post a few Anime which I peeked before and yet to post about them yet. Will be placing a few of them tomorrow since I got some time off.

Sometime I do wish that I can read and peek the manga/anime, but to think that I add in Running Man later on, which my family do enjoyed watching it.

Singapore did air the variety show, though the show been on for running for very long. In anyway, I really like how the jokes is.

Well, I do need to have some laughter, just that my dad always said that I not smiling which is why I need to watch that show to get some laugh, and maybe hoping that my smile will improve.

Well, maybe my smile is very freaky in some ways, or maybe funny or fierce  to some. Or I maybe thinking way too much.

In anyway, will need to take some rest myself after receiving a few imperials order from my dad, which I need to wake so early and help him. Problem is that I getting lesser sleep, since I also want to watch many show to the latest episodes.

As for now, let me take some nap since I kind of sleepy, and wake up early tomorrow to start the posting.

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