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In Bura!

Inbura! - Bishoujo Kyuuketsuki no Hazukashii Himitsu
Inbura! Beautiful Female Vampire's Embarrassing Secret

Creator - Endou Tatsuya (Ii)

Series - Manga

Published in Champion Red, Akita Shoten
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story Plot start with Amagami Kouichi  gotten into a small accident that caused him to bleed a bit from his month, and much to everyone's shock, Itanami Ian kiss him after she was the one that caused him to bleed.

And there are eye witnesses who saw the kissing, though they all wonder how do the popular and pretty girl go on kissing Kouichi, who he claimed as a normal person. Despite the fact that they both are from the same class they don't talk much to each other.

During Home Economic Lesson, due to his friends' teasing, Kouichi  accident poke his finder with a knife causing it to bleed a lot, and much to everyone shock, Itanami just walk up and suck Kouichi's bleeding finger.

When the 2 of them went to infirmary, and Kouichi realized that Itanami was drinking his blood and reveal that she is a vampire, though she don't drink blood. Also the vampire got their way to avoid thing they fear like applying sunscreen cream to avoid the sun, but they are also pretty much human themselves though they do not reveal their identity.

Itanami also reveal that Kouichi's blood got the ability to lure the vampire due to it "delicious" taste unlike any other person.

Kouichi decided to help her keep secret and letting her drinking his blood whenever he get injury. But the rumor and new of the 2 of them dating get spread like wildfire, even Kouichi's child hood friend, Ootsuka Misa, was aware of that. Misa had a crush on Kouichi and don't mind him doing dirty thing to her. She also make the point that she is to be the one to help Kouichi with his injury, whom she also claimed to be clumsy since young.

Both Itanami and Kouichi did not reveal the vampire secret to her at first, but interestingly, both Itanami and Misa trying their best to fight for Kouichi's affection and love. Itanami care and like Kouichi to the point that she also order her Familiar Butler, Liliac "Lia" not to attack Kouichi.

But Lia did mistaken Kouichi's kind intention and attacking him with a strong and power strength. And for a powerful Butler, the trap of being a tall manly woman is unavoidable, and predictable to me.

Must be the experience from Nisekoi that gave me that impression that Lia might be a pretty woman in hiding. Interestingly both Lia and Seishirou Tsugumi of Nisekoi look like man at first but revealing their female side to the main characters. Strangely, both are also big breasted, which made me wonder how they hid their oppai. Same gone for Charlotte of Infinite Stratos,

Due to Itanami's closeness to Kouichi, it did attract the interest of another vampire in the school, Kujou Ran. At first she wonder if it was the taste of Kouichi's blood that attract Itanami, but she just find it the same as other normal blood which rise her suspicious as Itanami family had not drank blood and got their way to avoid it.

But when Ran got into the bad side of Itanami, Itanami got into her Vampire Mode which Ran was shocked at first when she sense the power aura to be the same as the ancient powerful vampire. But the strange fact is that Itanami had not been drinking blood except for a few of Kouichi's.

Ran retreated, but continue to follow the couples to check and learn the reason and secret behind Itanami's power, but later on she learnt that she start to crave for Kouichi's blood as she find her normal dose of blood not satisfying. Also she found out that the reason behind Itanami's blood was also due to Kouichi's blood, which not only lure vampire due to it taste, but the ability to empower the drinkers.

The same blood did lure in a public princess from another country, who also a vampire. Kouichi also very politely give a few of his blood to her. But what got me wondering is how much blood can Kouichi have, when he get injury and bleed, and letting the vampires girls drinking his blood.

And to think that his blood did attract the vampire girls and letting them to fall in love with him. And Misa will get her hands full when Kouichi start to attract in more Vampires, and even a Vampire Hunter, who is a cute (flat-chested) girl.

Problem is that Kouichi is a dense person on top to being clumsy, but his kindness is what attract those girls, which can be the same as Yuuki Rito of To-Love-Ru. Just that one story is Vampire and another is of Alien, but both manga also show Near Hentai Scenes, and their Drawing and Art are very very nice.

Both Main Characters also seem similar, which made me wonder if it was due to their School uniform and spiky hair, or maybe due to their way of getting into Fan Service with the girls. The only thing that I find it very funny was that both Itanami and Misa had seem Kouichi's private part, though Yuuki Rito been naked so many times that I lost count.

I also wonder why the school allow people to go in and out of school like how Kusunoki Anita, the flat chested Vampire hunter can walk around the school as she like. Also she is well aware of the size of her breast and she is very jealous of those who are big-sized.

At first I though just how at first she know Itanami is a vampire, but only to realized that Anita just branded any girl breast with size D and above are vampires. Well, so far the Manga did show a few of them and their Oppai are big, but I think it might be the Father of the Church who taught Anita being the one being all the misunderstanding.

Anyway what got me peeking into this manga was due to the very short introduction, and I find it actually not bad for a story plot, though one might compare it to a few other like To-Love-ru. Also there is another Creator (Mangaka) with the same name pronoun too. And the Title "Inbura" seem to sound like Bra and Blood, though it seem the word used is toward the first word.

For a monthly Manga, this actually not bad for a short Peeking, and if you want some fan service, you can just take a peek into them. As far as I peeked, do you want to let a pretty vampire drink your blood in InBura!

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