Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 8 January 2013

This week going to start short on 2 sets of figurines, which activated my Sparkly Eye, though the main reason being not much new Figurines out over Amiami.

Also, kind of headaches to peek over at other site, but still it great that sites like Amiami still update their list of figurines up for grab.

First set which is of the Figma Department, commonly known as MaxFactory, is the Sword Art Online Couples, Asuna and Kirito, who both had their swords on and ready to strike.

Figma - Sword Art Online @Amiami

Both make the first in the list to be order up for grab, so don't worry and go ahead and invite them to your home, room or hiding spot. They might need a new room of operation for their next Floor boss. Also 2 of the top players, or Front Liners who look so great next to each other.

So the Black Swordsman and the Flash is gone from the Story? This Figurines aren't going anywhere, and they are ready to show their swordsmanship. Plus Black and White do mix nicely for the both of them.

They did get marry in game, and become real girl/boy friends. Just a matter of time before the other members of the gang start to appear.

Other Game Avatar like Lyfa might be out at later timing, but what I personally like is the first Story Arc game, Sword Art Online, and the good thing is the Castle is back in Action after the Second Arc.

Talk about missing the place which now don't any more lives like it used to. A death Game of 2 years which they are unable to get out no matter what. Ins Singapore that really sound like National Service.

Well, I don't mind getting into Sword Art Online instead, but the aftermath isn't a tasteful one due to the bad influence or killer in the game that also been releases. Those characters later come to haunt Kirito at third Story Arc at the third game. Well, go take a peek at the light novel if you're interested.

I not going to spoil much since the story is best read than listen, and take a peek at Wikipedia to check out other person's knowledge on the story. At least they not fully wrong, as it depend on how the story being understood.

Another set in the Nendoroid Department, commonly known as Good Smile Company who can strangely put a smile after grabbing one of their figurines, had releases the Vocaloid Twins for order.

They may be Separately up for Grab, so it's up to you to grab them both at the same time and ensure the best Vocaloid Twins not get Separate.

Nendoroid Vocaloid (Append Version) @Amiami
-Rin Kagamine
-Len Kagamine

The twins are wearing their Append Mode Costume like their elder Sister, Miku Append Mode and there is a mode where both of them can be close together when you grab both of them.

Interestingly is how they come with a a base stand and if you got both Rin and Len, you can do as what the images shown, linking both of them up. If you also got Miku Append, then you can let all 3 of them be place together.

And for a twins, both of them strangely look great next to next, with Rin having the shy face expression and Len having the Cool smile face expression.

Kind of suspecting there will be only 3 face expression despite the photo showing seemingly 4 different pose.

One of them is where both twins close one side of their eyes, so you will need to re-position the twins in order to get to the pose shown on the photo.

Look on their Bright side!

They look very bright due to their color, Yellow and white despite the black mix in, and they got very nice face expression which come along. Also there was a showcase of the change in the nendoroid head joint though I not that sure about it.

Also, no matter how I peek and think which to grab, this twins seem best to be together, so that they can do more poses than being along. They both can do very limited pose and position alone. I wonder if it the way the Nendoroid Department do their business, which I can give my praise for that.

But anyway, the Vocaloid Twins Yellow hair sure make them look very bright indeed.

And there is another girl who also seem very bright with her yellow hair and dress.

Cure Peace (Figuarts ZERO) @Amiami

I am well aware many refer Yellow hair as blond, but it seem like a habit of mine to say the hair as their color, which Anime characters are mostly colored yellow kind paint.

Well, at least Cure Peace is showing her Peace Sign for a Kawaii Mahou Shoujo, and talk about Peace Sign with a magical name Peace.

Strangely she do look very cheerful and bright which I wonder if the yellow is that powerful. Do anyone wonder why many children choose to color Sun as Yellow too?

I did the same thing when I color the sun in my drawing when I was a child.

And if there is a Sun with a nice Beach, then let take a peek at the last figurine for today with a girl in swimsuit.

Kuroneko (School swimsuit) @Amiami

I think the weather still cold in Japan to go to the Umi, but at least the swimming pools still good. And with Kuroneko wearing the school swimsuit, it hard to know her age.

At first I though she was younger than Kirino due to their height, and look like don't judge by cover come in a very hard way when I peek at the last few episodes. Anyway she will be back with the other somewhere in April this year.

I wonder if the anime will show Kuroneko in the same school swimsuit or not, which she look very young indeed, Wonder if she forgot to add in her name in that swimsuit though. Well, at least she look cute.

Just to wonder, which set of Figurines will you grab to add on to your collection?

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