Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 1 January 2013

A New Year start with Figurines is one thing to start the year, though I ended last year with a post on Anime Goods.

But there will be some Anime and Manga Peeking, so let take some quick peek on some of the latest figurines which activated my Sparkly Eye for this year.

Insane Black Rock Shooter @Amiami

Ok, this really start up my Otaku Fire really by a lot of power, which many were waiting for this to be grabbing. Black Rock Shooter in her Insane Mode is many times powerful, though the anime show some very scary part.

Like how her arm get ripped off and the arm can fight for a while before going back. The power is way higher to the point that it overtake even Strength when fighting in her world, or even showing no sign of mercy when taking it out on Mato in her Black Rock Shooter Mode.

With her Hair seem like wildfire and the deadly staring Eye, she look more appealing when you see her ready to strike down anyone with that Gunblade on her right hand and that scary Sword on the left. Her Base Stand is way cooler as it is based out of her world.

She is deadly dangerous, but a great one to invite out to have a walk on the other world.

Another powerful girl and look very pretty is also ready to grab with.

Mistral Nerace @Amiami

The weather today isn't Misty, but this Misty look very nice to also invite out to the seven sea.

She is also holding on to her Umbrella just in case it going to rain, but it seem that she won't get any way drench, expect for you. She choose to bring her Umbrella along or not

She may not look like it, but she is the pretty Pirates and captain of the Seiren Pirates, from the Series Shining Hearts. I wonder why Amiami place Shining Blade instead.

X mark the spot on her dress which is the proof of her Piracy, and the base stand make it seem like she can run on the top of the Sea herself, which is very cool. Even with her Umbrella as a weapons, the magic is very powerful and deadly to cross with.

Initially she look like an Ojou-sama to me, with that dress and umbrella. Also her hairstyle can made her seem like one too. If I never knew those and approach her, I might ask to walk the plank. But I prefer to walk the plank if she going to walk with me.

Another very pretty girl who is not only a pretty Angel, but also a deadly powerful angel.

Ikaros @Amiami

Her queen mode form is very powerful no matter how I peek at the Manga for a few time, despite her cute face.

And she is loyal to her master, Sora which you might need his permission before asking Ikaros out. And due to her personality, she might cause more problem and trouble instead.

The pink and white of Ikaros make her look very harmless, cute and pretty at the same times, which many might fall for her traps. And her strength and power is the more strongest between her Sisters, which she doesn't seem able to control. So unless you enjoy it, then best be careful of her.

If you think are fast enough, then her speed of travelling around the world in seconds is going to drop your jaw. Afterall, she is an Angeloid with the powerful spec in her.

Think Angel is too much, how about Alien?

Nyaruko @Amiami

She is a love struck Alien in her Story which not only is powerful and deadly, but a cute high school though she graduated from her own high school.

Made me wonder just how old is she which doesn't leak out at all.

But what I can confirmed is the next season of this Series, which I really am looking forward to. Since I wonder what gonna be the relationship of the group and what gonna happen since last time, it what I would love to know.

Well, I didn't peek much into the Light novel this time around, so I also not very sure. Reason being I was peeking at other Series, so unless Naruto teach me his Shadow Clone, it would seem impossible to peek into this for now. Well, Good time Anime is there to help though the plot might change a bit, but what the point of not peeking into it? It isn't like they will cause harm.

Well, Nyaruko might cause the harm instead, with her deadly Crowbar.

There another cute girl with one arm, though it seem that her power as Hermit can let her have another arm too.

Kasen Ibaraki @Amiami

One thing about her is that she is actually very powerful as a hermit, which she can eat lesser and remain as thin and pretty.

Also her bandage arm isn't hurt, but it just isn't there, which is why she earn the title of One-arm Hermit. When she remove the bandages, she can use some weird Magic Smoke to her advantages.

Even if she doesn't, her pet is more powerful enough to do anything, which show off her power.

The Chain on her left arm is her accessory, if you're wondering since so far I don't remember it doing anything. Plus her Chinese dress is very pretty too. So if you want to learn the way or be better person, maybe you can ask her out and for help.

Last girl to make the list would be very cute, but also deadly too.

Melona @Amiami

One of the four Servant of the Swamp Witch, this Shapeshifter is a deadly person to cross with, though you can ask her to change into any girls you like.

But that don't apply to this figurine. Anyway at first I though she explode and die, but it seem that she is more powerful than I expected at first.

Well, she look very cute too which is a good grab since her hair is also grabbing her own oppai. Advice is to careful of her weapons which she can create from her own body, which pretty much like the Golden Darkness Yami from To-Love-ru. But she is more bad, and like to play trick on her target down her. Well she also like to play on her friends as well.

This year sure start out with many dangerous and deadly powerful girl down here, so any of them you wish to invite out for a walking session?

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