Friday, January 11, 2013

Breezing through Orchard 5

Went for some short late night Walking Session with my Imouto to get some Bites and Stuffs before heading home.

Well, I was suffered from a sudden pain due to Kidney stone which was unbearable, but good thing it that currently I feeling better.

But that didn't stop me from having that walking session.

With the Ion Orchard re-open the basement food chain, there are many nice bite, but since my Imouto was craving for some Rice, we went for the Monster Curry, and the one on the right is mine. Still tasting good, though next time I might want to bite on Ramen instead.

That will depend on what my Imouto want, or when I went out myself and craving for some Tasty bites.

Main thing to Orchard Road was that my Imouto want the Winnie the Pooh Bedsheet which was offered at Takashimaya basement floor, and the materials is actually soft and nice.

She will putting it up just before the Chinese New Year, which is around 1 months from now. I do need to clear my room so that I will need to clean lesser for the Spring Cleaning.

New Year need to buy new stuffs, and for me, of course some Manga and Light Novels while I'm on it. Of course I just bought the latest one since the other volumes was bought last year. Just that this year I only slowly peeking into it.

I like how the story plot go as I peeked into this. Baka Tsuki yet to go beyond half of chapter 4, so I just had to buy it since Chinese Words still fine with me. But repeeking from the start is also fine, since I need to get use to the Characters phase and word in Chinese.

Still, I prefer English, but on another hand, my dad and mum can read them if they want to. My Imouto will make nothing out of Chinese, but fine at least with the English.

As for now, back to peeking at those Light novels to rest since I been advise to drink a lot of water and rest myself...

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