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Mada's Figurines Report 24 September 2012

Seem like this Week Figurines Peeking got me really Sparkly Eye Activated when I noticed there were many updates.

Not sure where to start? Then let start with something simple first -> a collection.

What really make a Collection really worth it, is mostly due to the part when and where the Figurines is from the Same Anime and Same Company / Maker.

If you read before my previous Figurines Reports, you would noticed that I tend to place / repeat Figurines again if there a collection series for them.

Well, let take a peek into the Product Line Collection from Kaiyodo @Amiami;

Another very easy to notice is; the figurines are posing very differently, due it common that each collection have different characters.

Some Collection have same characters as a collection too, like Yotsuba interacting with different Animals.

The 5 girls of Bakemonogatari also can be collection, where they all do different pose, but they all know and interact one same Person.

I do like to collect those figurines with Collection, as it strangely gave me a Sense of completion when I grab them.

That also go for my Manga, but there are some where there are Stops / Gaps, which I didn't go and complete it, due to no stock, or I decided not to peek into it.

There are some collection where they must be order separately, reason tend to be due to different release time / date.

This time, I really wonder if FREEing have a Bunny Girl Fetish, since my last last Figurines Report did mentioned about Nanoha, Hayate and Fate wearing Bunny Suit and standing next to each other.

Also a collection if you ask me, but another 3 girls from different Series decided to join in the Bunny Girl Party too.

Sora no Otoshimono the Movie: Clockwork Angeloid @Amiami

Yup, one peek from the photo and you can tell that the 3 Angeloids of Sora no Otoshimono also look very cute, but also pretty dangerous due to their Power and Strength.

But that not just the Scary part of it though.

Pretty much same as the Magical Adult Girl Trio, each of the Angeloids cost around 13,000 Yen to 14,000 Yen, which cost the 3 of them a big bomb.

40,000 Yen really not a small figure, which is why they are at 1/4 Scale.

Surely, FREEing really do serve up to their Name for having the details in the Angeloids Trio not to be overlook.

The Hair and bunny suit really look very nice, but when I think about it, I starting to wonder which Girl Trio from which Anime will be in Bunny Suit again.

The Magical Girl Trio look great when standing next to each other, but I can't imagine that well when it come to the Angeloids Trio.

But what got me Peeking into this, is when I noticed the part when the girls pose, and little details like the bunny tail and the Stocking look very nice and real.

So pretty much same as before, I won't mind having them serve me some drinks and some chatting session. Though I can't overlook that they are very Powerful Angeloids where even Sora himself got headaches when handling them.

There is another Bunny Girls that got me Sparkly Eye Activated too.

Tamaki Kosaka Bunny Ver. @Amiami

From the title, it a 1/5 Scale, but the Red Bunny Suit that add on to her Red Hair, that overkill for me.

Kosaka look really sexy in that and to think that Kallen Bunny Girl Mode look nice too. (I own a Dakimakura which show Kallen in Bunny Girl)

Bunny and Cat look very cute, if you wonder why I like them. But when it come to girl -> Immediate High Blood Pressure and Instant Fainting.

And to think that they add a pink seat for Kosaka to sit on, which strangely add even more Sex Appeal to her pose. The back photo really show a different story, from how I peeked at it.

When I mentioned Kallen of Code Geass, I previously also want to grab C.C Dakimakura too, but too bad they were out of stock at that time.

I do want her to be in Bunny Suit too, but this Chibi Mode got overkill in Cuteness!!

chibi-arts - C.C. @Amiami

Bandai really get me praise them, not due to how cute C.C is, but the name of the Product Line; Chibi-Arts.

Unlike Nendoroid in some ways, but still look very cute, and the details look very nice too, no matter how I peek at it.

C.C. Smile strangely can put a smile on me.. Strange...

If you wonder what the different is, maybe Aoko can show you how.

Aoko Aozaki (Nendoroid) @Amiami

One thing for sure, C.C is sitting down while Aoko can Stand, Walk and even Kneel down.

But that is not the only thing that got me Sparkly Eye Activated only -> Her Face Expression is.

I actually laugh when I noticed this Face, which make it look really cute and nice.

But what come shocking next is when her hand release some power. Very Dangerously Close, unless you going to stare at it more.

Back to topic on Collection, the most common set for Collection tend to be on the Swimsuit.

Very strangely, but still good to peek on, and I had to admit I do own a few figurines in swimsuit.

4 set of collection if you wonder.

BEACH QUEENS - Rinne no Lagrange @Amiami

Not bad for the Trio Girl to look that great in Swimsuit, though only Ran and Muginami are looking something related to Beach.

For around 3,000 Yen each, not bad for grabbing, since the total is not even 10,000 Yen.

I understand about Madoka and Muginami, but what shocked me was when I noticed how Ran pose.

Just what with that fist! First thing come to my mind was she was doing the Neko fist.

She pretty much seem like a Neko to me, but the Shyness in the figurine got me really want to grab her. I also like how she look in her swimsuit.

I wonder if it due to the point that she wearing sky blue, which is also my favor color.

Another Collection, which seem like a Limited Set is also another nice to grab too.

My praise to the Maker Wake, since the Beach Queens Product line really got a lot of Girls in Swimsuit looking very great.

Not bad, if you want to start a collection series, which you can consider starting from that first.

I like how Iori and Yayoi looking great when they standing next to each other, which make themselves looking very cute and nice.

Well, their swimsuits too.

Same go for girls from Natsuiro Kiseki too.

BEACH QUEENS - Natsuiro Kiseki @Amiami
From the lot of when I start peeking at girls in swimsuit Figurines, I noticed a lot of them come from the same Product Line, Beach Queens.

Well, when Beach is mentioned, first thing most Men can think of, would Girls in Swimsuit, which my praise to the Maker, Wave.

The girls of Natsuiro Kiseki look really great, and I like how some of them can be customize a little, like changing hair-style.

It depend on how one choice or taste for swimsuit, which pretty much also depend on the Drawer for the Series.

Most Figurines had their own set of fix Swimsuit, but they must also make sure whether it suit the girls too.

The girls must look good and cute, and I wonder why Rinko look very cute and Saki look very Mature.

Interestingly, there is a comment / note which point out that the painting of the actual product might be different, which can actually got one to consider before grabbing them.

But if one like those girl, why not?

Another type of collection can also be collecting the same type, but being different edition.

Rewrite - Sizuru Nakatsu Swimsuit Ver. @Amiami
Easily noticed is not just the different color of the swimsuit only, but also how one wearing eye patch while other not.

That is why some Collectors grab the same, but there is a different version to the Figurines. Not because one is to be opened for Showcasing while other is to be keep, but mostly due to the point of Different Version.

Another Collection Series for girls in Swimsuit, nice to grab with.

BEACH QUEENS - Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere @Amiami
I actually stare blankly at the photo and wonder if the swimsuit decided to go up another level, or is it just Swimsuit Product in that Series look like that.

Mixing Mecha with Swimsuit look Normal to some and Strangely Look on those girl too.

But what the good point, the girls' Hair-style just look so nice and cool too.

And what worst can a collection come about?

Figurines deciding to go for some Driving.

Well, I do mentioned how nice it was for Figurine having their own set of Itasha, and seemingly ready to go for some Speeding Race.

But what got me wondering most of the time, is whether if those Figurines have their Driving License yet, or not.

Well, Maybe the Company say they got the cards to say they may drive, but I ready give my hat to those Maker and Creator for even thinking up something like this.

Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD @Amiami
Well, Good Smile Company sure know when to put a smile on Many.

Though the Nendoroid can be place as it own stand alone, but why not place it inside their own Itasha, and let them go for some Speeding Ride.

You may also wonder how they got their Driving License, but let forget about that for a while, and see how fast they go.

They are the only vehicle which Police won't catch for Speeding, and no COE required when in Singapore.

Well, that much about Collection for now, which I most probably continue another round of Figurines Report for tomorrow too, since there are a few more Figurine which I want to point out too.

As far as I peeked, any Collection of Figurines got your Sparkly Eye Activate and Cleaning Hands itchy?

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