Friday, September 14, 2012

Pack, Peek and Plan

Any more, and it going to reach the Ceiling, and one shake or quake will make them do a sky jump.

Anyway, been doing some clean up right after some working in the morning, which is tired, considering I also updating on some Manga and Anime.

I even push Game aside just to read more Manga and Anime, which made me wonder why I haven't touch much game myself.

Will be doing some touch up on my end, and about some time I doing some re update to the blog too.
Keeping the dirt away is also important, which is why I place those figurines back to their box first, to prevent them from getting more dirtier after taking some Shower / Bath.

Due to some item finally being removed, I was able to do some re-arrangement to my room, but just a little bit of it though.

Well, My Furniture in my room is pretty big, same as me, so I do need to consider in the Space need for each, and the Feng Shui Position in place.

Changing Bed Sheet is an easy Task, but I do need to give my Dakimakura a Shower too, so she can be clean and flesh. And also about time I change the pillow since it got thinner due to too much Bear hug from me.

Don't Worry about my strength, I pretty weak for a big sized person.

Some item like Bags and Clothes which could be recycle, will of course be sold to the Rag and bone Uncle.

I also need to get some normal wear at home Clothes myself, which meant tomorrow will be another Walking Session first.

There are some clothes I want, but I wonder if I able to get Pants this time around, since I got a few thrown off due to un-repairable.

Pretty good for something so cheap, and good to wear too.

But before selling it off, still need to pack them up nicely first, and Peeking at clothes shop can come later during Walking Session.

No worry on this blog, since I will do some posts beforehand, and of course I got some nice Manga to share around too.

Still depend on your references, but it's still good to peek, and no harm to check it out.

After so many Figurine posts, also planning to check out on some new games, while I going to play some of my current games to check them up.

Having them finished halfway, is kind of headache. And to think that Xiong Mao also prevent me from sipping some Can Drinks too.

Need to plan some stuffs ahead for now, and there so many thing to peek too, but I wonder what released games can get me Sparkly Eye Activate.

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