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Mada's Figurines Report 17 September 2012

This Week Figurine I going to keep it simple, but even when I said that, the figurines themselves seem to tell a lot about them in the first place.

For most figurines, what can really make one Jaw Drop is due to not just that it based on Anime Characters which many or one favor.

But simply due to the details and idea which those Creator and Maker can dish out.

Not an easy task if you think around and about it for just a moment, and it takes more than skills to make one figurine.

First off, due to Fate Testarossa having 2 different form, she able to go from Lightning Form to Sonic Form.

You can decide which to grab, but what amazed me is due to that since both are Figma, they can move a lot more than one expected.

I know Fate have 2 forms where Lightning form is where her magic is more powerful, while Sonic form is where her combat become more powerful.

But we are talking about Fate here, as she can adapt to most situation, switching from either 2 Mode to defeat her opponents.

So it all depend on how you customize her Movement, or just grab both and hope their joint can be change to each other.

Interestingly, Illya also wear her Yukata and ready to meet up with Saber.

-Illya Yukata ver. @Amiami
-Saber Yukata Ver. @Amiami

For someone who was very cheerful, the Berserker Mask she wearing reminded me of how powerful she was, once.

And to think that Saber is next to her too.

Interestingly, their own color really suit them, in which my Praises to the Maker / Sculptor for even thinking this up.

Though one costs around 6,000 to 7,000 Yen at most, grabbing all 4 collections which 2 are later schedule to be released, will surely hit your wallet hard, very very hard.

If you wondering how to ride a bike, or want to have a Bike Buddy, you might want to ask Suzuha for help.

Suzuha Amane & Mountain Bicycle @Amiami

For who someone with a straight eye stare, she sure take riding bike as a hobby.

But what got me wondering is why doesn't she drink from a bottle but from a paper cup instead, unless she rode past a store half-way.

Her pose really suit the way she's taking a short break after a long ride, unless you talking me that she rode for 1 km only.

If you do not like to ride a bike, you can considering staring at the Monitor Screen.

Alice (Kami-sama no Memo-chou) @Amiami

What got me shocked was when there actually got a figurine who like to stare at screen, which fit for many grabbers.

That including me, since I tend to stare blankly at the Screen and doing nothing.

What to expect from a cute girl who not only clever, but I shocked at how they let Alice long hair become so nice, and that wearing a cute dress really top it off.

But there are some figurines who can change their hair-styles, and some who can.

Made me wonder how they go around and about it in the first place when they make them.

Excellent Model Aquarion EVOL 

If saying the sculptor gave the girls the right pose, that is my praise to him.

I actually wonder how they going to stand up straight, as most figurine with 1 legs will tend to toggle down.

But what got me wondering is how nice their clothes details really are, for both Mikono and MIX.

Zessica got the sexy pose, look and stare.

You might say that both Mikono and MIX look like your average beautiful High school girls, but Zessica need to wear more than just that.

Maybe their look also tell many details, even I was amazed at how nice MIX can look, just from the way she trying to push up her glasses.

You may stare down later on if you like, since her oppai is somehow revealing despite wearing almost all cover up.

Interestingly, even when her both legs are walking, I still wonder how the stand base will seem like.

Considering all 3 will pose as they are now, the base stand is going to be an easy task, if 2 need to stand on one legs, and all of them seem need to be tilt to one side.

But somehow the wondering stop when I peeked into this figurines base stand.

Nymph with Chibi Ikaros and Chibi Astraea @Amiami

Pretty much clear my suspicious, but Nymph still pretty cute in her own way, and her blue hair sure look very nice.

Was kind of shocked when I noticed her twin tails is floating, and to think that I almost mistaken her for Miku.

Dangerous, and that's not all! Her sisters Ikaros and Astraea are also with her.

But there another group of dangerous people, or more like dangerous Alien.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Collection Figure BOX @Amiami

This collection is sure a good grab for around 4,000 Yen. And they are just so cute to Peek and Grab.

Around 45 - 50mm, so you can just place all of them around from Plant Pot to your Working Desk.

I pretty much that what Danny Choo also did to his collection, though I just randomly place mine around.

Media Factory also released another series of chibi figurines too, if you need more of them.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Collection Figure BOX @Amiami

Well, their chibi form are pretty cute, which one might say "Moe" or "Kawaii", so pretty obvious not to place them on your working place.

Sometime I also stare blankly on my figurines on my Desk, and the duration of stun do varies from time to time.

Again, before I close off for this week Figurines Report, another peek into girls in their Swimsuit.

Good to stare at, since it healthy for the Peeking eye too, but please do it the right way and don't be a Peeking Tom.

Anyway, I wonder what will happen when both Sena and Kirino will say when both appear together.

I actually wonder if both will get their Otaku mode activated from it, though it seem like one ready to pose while one ready to jump into the pool.

Interestingly, is how many cute girls who look great when they wearing normal clothes, while Swimsuit take it to another level.

But what got me wondering is whether there such many different swimsuit around.

Maybe just that I don't go Swimsuit shopping myself, or just that I don't really wander into the Female swimsuit department.

Kyoko and Yui do look cute in their own swimsuit, though I must say Chisato look not just cute but also pretty in her.

The Pink color look scary nice.

And to think that just recently I realised even Keyboard know "Y.U.I"....

The YuruYuri girls just look very cute, and I did peeked into Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate which is a very interesting Anime.

Anyway, one can really notice how nice those girls are when their on their swimsuit. Even their look and hair-style look great.

Praise to the Sculptor, Creator and Maker!

I peeked into the Manga first though, but anyway, Any Figurines got your Sparkly Eye Activated due to their nice Details in their Clothes, Face and/or Hair-style?

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