Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peeking around again 6

With so many Manga yet to even peek into, some of the series have released their next volumes, and I do need to take a little time out to read.

But for a few days, I will be going to Hospital to visit on my Grandmother.

Her health is getting better, just only that before she went to the hospital, her condition was worst.

She is my grandmother and though she nag a lot, she care for my family.

Manga and Anime Peeking and Posting is actually easy, since you just read and start to blog, post or comment on them.

But for Game, it actually given me even more time, due to having to check on them first, and ensuring the information is right.

I do read up on site before even starting posting them. And during previous post, I did want to put a game posts for this week, but look like I will post more next week, and at the same time, even more post to cover up for this week.

There are going to be more interesting Anime Peeking too, but I will peek into the first few episode to know if I like them or not. But I still post them anyway, and I will be going back to Anime posting which had finish it Season for some.

I already got my idea for some posts for next month, but it will take some time before I start to place them up, since I need to visit my grandmother and help to take note of her health.

Even went on some Walking Session to check out some stuffs myself, and of course my legs are very Jelly each time.

As far as I peeked, time for me to plan carefully for next month, and mixing in some posts for Figurines, Anime, Manga and Games.

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