Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 30 September 2012

As I mentioned previously, what I going to do for next week is mostly posting more into Anime and Manga, and at the same time, Games, which I yet to post them up this week.

I don't want to post wrong information myself, and I still want to play some games myself.

Just hope that my Grandmother get even more better for now.

As much as I peek and check into the info of each games, it strangely that Games tend to come out one whole shot, and there are time when there no new game for a month or so.

Not sure how the Industries go by, but as long as there are interesting games which I like, I would like to grab and try it out.

Been a while since I last touched Wii, and to think that I still got PS3 Games yet to complete on the Quest, Story or even each characters for Basara Series.

Not good if I buy a game and not even trying it out.

If you're looking for a Cheaper and Lighter PS3, then you can consider grabbing the latest PS3 Super Slim, which seem to be a good grab.

And maybe you can grab the recently released Dead Or Alive 5 at the same time.

Xbox User can also grab that game, just that Wii User will need to grab PS3 or Xbox 360 Console.

But from what I heard, Wii U seem to able to support most games, which made me hoping for it release and then grabbing it.

This week got 3 Figurines / Anime Goods Report which 2 of them is mostly toward one term of topic.

Just click on the above to start peeking and reading.

Now that I think about it, it been a while since I last started a topic on Random stuffs like how to ride a bike, or how to enjoy Hanami.

Maybe I need to choose one topic and start to collect materials on them. It would be interesting when I got something to start with, but time wait for no one.

Anyway, will so many interesting things starting to appear recently, seem like I need to peek and post more, and maybe faster if possible. Well, tomorrow is First of October.
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