Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 16 September 2012

Seem like this coming week will not only going to be a busy one for playing games only.

But anyway, started out a new type of report, which I would really need to do some peeking around, but let take a peek at some Figurines Reports too.

Playing games don't really come close to Playing with Figma or Nendoroid, and it depend on how each other think about it.

Let not talk about just how many Figurines are being released each month, but more like talking how many People are grabbing figurines with their clean hands.

I do own a few collection above the bookshelf and near to the ceiling, but they don't drop from the Ceiling like Danny Choo's. Mine is all step into my Hiding Spot.

Some simple Anime Goods can be seem in my room too, while some are keep, while some are using, like my Black Rock Shooter Wallet.

But due to cleaning session, I currently doing Packing up, and might going to do some simple re-arrangement in my room.

But that not the reason to why I stop adding Anime Goods to my Figurines report in the first place; Got some nice site which concentrate on Anime Goods like Cospa, so another nice peeking site to check out.

While, I still got some time to peek into some Manga too, and here 2 new one, which got me Sparkly Eye Activated., though Xiong Mao don't allow me to drink some can drinks...

Been peeking into Tokage no Ou, but didn't notice that is the same creator as  Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko.

Not bad for Manga Peeking, but just click on those Bold Blue Words to check more. Even I find Koisome Momiji another interesting Love Story Manga to peek on too.

Not like I rush Games like Crazy, since I take some time to relax like Anime/Manga Peeking. But considering there are also some nice Games to play with, it seem like it might be a Game Posting week for next week though there still Figurine/Anime Goods which I may add in.

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