Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mada's Peek and Grab 3

Got my own hands tight on some end, which got me less time to play with Black Rock Shooters.

And yes, now I got 5 of them, with 2 being the latest TV Anime Version, in which the Hoody Version is making me so unbearable and wanting to grab them.

 What gave me the shocked was that how big of the different between the first and the latest, in which their materials for their clothing is so much different.

You can also see the different in their hair style too.

Don't be fooled by the latest one being taller, since she wearing High Heel, I will reveal much in later post though.

I also need to help my dad to do some Funds transferring, in which money is best be careful and managed nicely.

Well, Bussiness issue in which other party see money very tightly.

But even so, good thing is that I was able to touch Black Rock Shooters a while, do some Photo-taking, and comparing each of them to spot what so different between them.

First thing which I try out was their Hoody.

Didn't have much time to play with Figma version, since I need some time to play between the 2 Figma and comparing them.

But was kind of shocked when I try out the Nendoroid version, which I never expect it to be so cute and nice.

Also went out with Family for Walking Session, and again, grabbed some latest Manga out on the Store, in which I was shocked to see "End" on Akuma no Ikenie.

Online data show Ongoing at that point of time, so I wasn't sure of that, but even so, still good for me to peek finish another series.

I received a tip off that I still got a lot of Anime I need to peek into, in which I need to organize my timing, but currently my Imouto wanting to play some games.

After so long, my Imouto decided to finally get me my birthday present, in which she actually wish to play too. I still good, since I can play with her, and not paying a cent.

Also when discussing with my friends on Guild War 2, my Imouto also discussing with her friends. Just today were chatting if we should also join in the fun.

But we going to watch some DVD instead with my whole family, since it going to be a Family Session for today.

I do enjoy being with my family despite having argue and quarrel around the house. You can expect Love-Hate most of the time.

What to say? When Calm is Peace and Quiet, Loud Shouting kick-start the War!

As for now, going to enjoying some peeking over the television on some DVD, and some Game playing too.
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