Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Diva F

初音ミク - Project DIVA ƒ
Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA ƒ

Developed by

  • Sega
  • Crypton Future Media

Published by Sega


  • PS Vita
  • PS3 [Somewhen in 2013]

Genre - Rhythm Game

More Info @Wiki
Home @Site [It played a very nice Music when you peek into the site]
Other @GameFAQs | @GameSpot | @Project Diva Series Wiki

(Credits - Photo-taken from Project Diva ƒ Wikipedia, Home page and GameFAQs)
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Another PS Vita game which pretty much got me wanted to grab not only the Game, but also the Console in order to play the game.

Considered the Fifth Entry for the Hatsune Miku : Project Diva Series, which pretty much explained the "ƒ".

Unlike the "ƒ" for Tales for Graces ƒ, which stand for Future, but somehow I think it may also mean the same thing too.

But I been playing Project Diva Series, both the PSP and Arcade Version, which I still not able to master the Extreme Level, to be honest.

Got some friends who are excellent on them, though I play the game to relax and sharpen my minds, since it a Rhythm Game.

But what made this game different from it previous series, and how it may also different for both PS3 and PS Vita Version.

PS Vita Version first released, and the first things that made it very different, is that it introduce a new buttons which make good use of the PS Vita Touch Screen; A Star which can only be key in by rubbing the screen.

First Version of Project Diva started out with only the 4 Famous Play Station Buttons; Triangle, Square, Circle and Cross. Later on series add in a Press and Hold the buttons for Long Notes.

Direction Buttons was also made good use to fully let one player play with the PSP Buttons. But PS Vita Version got more than just that.

Well, Diva Room got a few new interesting Features, as able similar to it previous entry; Hatsune Miku Project Diva Extend, Other Characters can enter another character room and do a short skit / interact.

But somehow this time, the Creators decided to go a bit more, and this time there can be up to 3 person to enter the Diva room, interact with each other / doing a short skit. Not really sure how it go, but what I can confirm -> You need to wait very patiently and Stare blankly at the PS Vita Screen while in the Diva Room.

Those Skits are very interesting to peek at, which is why it worth the waiting.

Another thing to note about new feature for the Diva Room is that you can interact with the Vocaloid too, as if you can talk to them face to face.

But there is some limit to the interaction, but the good things is that you can make good use of the Touch Screen during the Interaction.

Pat Miku's head all you like, and same as the previous PSP series, there are Alarm Clock, Countdown timer (Aka Kitchen Timer), Jukebox (mostly the Vocaloid Musics / Songs) and Peeking back those PV of the Songs in the game.

I prefer the interaction with the Vocaloid Characters, but I wonder if there are some who kiss their PS Vita though, which I find it very interesting and wonder what reaction will the Vocaloid give.

Just one peek and I can see there are some new improvement to the Edit Mode, where previous version tend to be a bit of confusing at some point, but still good to go.

Another few new features are that you can have up to 3 vocaloid for the Edit Mode, and that you can choose to let them play some Music Instruments like Drums and Guitar.

The Creator seem to take a very big step for the Edit Mode when it been noted that it easier to control than it previous series.

If Diva Room and Edit Mode still not enough, then take photos of Miku and her friends in Real Life. My very big praise for the Creator to really make full use of PS Vita.

Just take a Photo with Miku if you like, and she can change her Costumes, if you like. I peeked into some of my friends photos, which are very nice and interesting.

Now you can prove to many other that Miku been to your room! Or you can go on a date with her, but you'll need someone to help you to take that photo though.

Another improvement to the Characters themselves, is that the animation / modelling of the the Vocaloid, like smoother Hair movement for Miku's hair, or even Rin's Ribbon.

There was some previous point-out about Luca's Oppai bouncing very nicely.

Reason why I can't fully master this game for the Previous Version must be that I stared too much at the Vocaloid dancing, than concentrating on the Rhythm.

But their Dances are so nice, that it very hard not to stare anyway.

I really Wonder what will happen if I play Project Diva ƒ, when the animation is more smoother and Vocaloid looking more nicer.

Maybe More Staring and getting More Misses, and changing costume for the Game Play is not going to be the same as it previous Series.

It also seem that you can let the Vocaloid wear Hats or Accessories to their Costumes, which pretty much would make them not just cute only, but Sweet too.

Seem like one can have Miku cosplaying as a Cat Girl! (She just wearing the Cat Ear)

One may experiment with other characters, but this latest Series will only feature 6 of the Vocaloids, lesser than it previous PSP Series.

At least the Songs in this Entry is all new, and different from the previous PSP Version, which is the good points.

There even the Song "Black Rock Shooter" !!!

If I grab this game, I will make sure that I Master that very Song first!!

As far as I peeked into, are you ready to Sing and Dance to the Rhythm with Miku and her friends in Hatsune Miku : Project Diva ƒ?

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