Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mada's Walking Session on AFA Day 1/2/3 inside Exhibition Hall

Got this time-out again, so I going to post a very short post..

Yes, a very "Short" post, but with a lot of photos of when I peeking inside the Exhibition Hall of Anime Festival Asia 2013.

As I mentioned in AFA Day 0, I really amazed at the outcome of the event which in the first time in whole 6 years of AFA, having the events started on a Friday instead of Saturday.

So those who got school and work?

Well, don't think they don't have a way of not going to the events. I had to admit that when I went to work June 2013 (yes, that one of the reasons caused the Hiatus). My work condition was that I not to work for 9, 10, 11 Nov all due to this events.

I even had to ask one of my female colleagues if she able to take my Thursday shift so that I can go and have Day 0.. In anyways, I not going to talk too much on this Events, but I will just speak on some of the events as we go through with each photos.

Here the floor plan to let you know a bit. But I had to tell you, I teleported myself around the whole place.

AFA SG 2013 floorplan
Taken from AFA Facebook (Only meant for viewing)

I had to individually paste each photo links and sort each of them, which is the reason why I take a longer time to post this... but I still hope you enjoyed this post d( ^ v ^ d)


Ok, I had to admit that the crowd control down here isn't good, but it isn't bad either. All in all, it just take one or few to cause a stand up and made many people thinking into that they can get into the Exhibition Hall.

Seem to happen a few times on the same days for each day.

Still what amazed me is the amount of turnout for each days, AFA Singapore 2013 really isn't something to be underestimated. I wonder about the amount of Otakus in Singapore myself.


Day 1: so how many who suppose to be working or in school?

Really, just take a look at the turnout.

I really amazed at the turnouts, which made me wonder how those people wake up early and reaching this place just for the event.



Not an easy entrance if you're asking.. ~(>_<~)


About to reach the entrance...

Ok, here I had to admit one thing, for Day 1, I really try to get to the front of the queue as possible; all due to get some Music disc.

And once I reached in, I really run and dash across the whole place, even dashing past Culture Japan booth just to get the Sony Music area. Well, I was going to get some nice discs...

A Un-Moving Queue

What do you think of the crowd?

Doubt that you think that they are all actually queuing up in order to grabs some Sony Music Discs with their clean hands.

I getting Lisa, Elisa and Aoi Eir song discs. Well, the first 200 customers who purchase for each singer's disc will get the chance to have an autograph session with the singers. Those Singers really know how to Sign.. Hmm?


Day 2: I wish I can go and take them for myself . . .

I really wanted those poster myself....(╯︵╰,)

Anyway, interestingly, LISA is releasing her first book; in which there is a booth just to do the awareness of it. Also, there are other singers' mechanics being on sale too.




Day 2: She made that wall more "Expensive"

If you compare the photo, on the event day 1, there isn't any signatures on the wall at LISA booth, but it seem that she did take a little trip down and do some nice drawing herself.



I got too high when I went for the Saturday Concert.. but the aftermath is having my Ear ringing for a few days...



Miku... So Cute...



Day 3: Many were sold out

I really amazed at how many of the discs being sold out, but it also seem not all are...

This is ... unexpected...

In order to push their sale as much as possible, I really amazed at the price cut on Day 3 myself.

And now to the Autograph from LISA, Elisa and Aoi Eir!!




Really thankful to them for coming down to Singapore AFA. To be honest, I actually shocked at how shy Aoi Eir is. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

But when she sing at the AniSong Concert... it's a different story...

Elisa seem to sign the fastest from what I know and she do wave to her fans with both her hands... And she beautiful close up than I expected! (。♥‿♥。)

As for LiSA... Until my friend told me, I though LiSA was her name when it meant Life is Smile Always.
щ (*ㅇ△ Φ☆)ノ

But her Song "Crossing Field" for Sword Art Online really is one of top Favor in my Music List.

Anyways, to the next Music Set stage would be the Horipro Japan



Unlike the Main or Mini Stage in AFA SG 2013, Horipro just had to have their little stage which attracted many fans around to go and gather down there. And it seems that May'n got the most from what I see.

Honestly, I also a fan of May'n myself, which ended me buying the Run Real Run Disc from the Horipro Store just to get May'n autograph.

Well, it isn't that I don't want to get the latest ViVid song, just that it got sold out before I can grab it with my clean hands. And I don't have much cash to spare.. for this AFA, not only did I overused my budget, I even had to dig into my Secret stash of money.

How I surviving now?

On my Secret Secret Stash of money, of course.. . . Well, let me hope I don't get to dig into my Secret X3 Money.. I will be killed by my Black Rock Shooter Wallet...

Strangely that wallet had been with me for so long...


May'n putting on her thinking cap.. or face.. so cute...




Ok, they brought along 2 Voice Actress and a Singer who origin from Singapore. Well, I had to admit that having that I like Azusa Tadokoro and Ayaka Ohashi appearing due to the reason that they do give voice to some anime characters which I watched and like.

For example Azusa gives voice to Fino in "I, who didn't become a hero, reluctantly decided to find a job, and Ayaka for Fleur in Eureka 7 AO.

I wonder if Ayaka got a bit chubby and cute, but anyway it also seems that Azusa get to celebrate her Birthday at AFA in Singapore since her birthday is on 10 November. Nice surprise for her..



Wasn't able to grab one seat..


The space isn't much, but to think that having the Singers to sing some song on the stage is actually a bonus for turning up at the Horipro stage.

Even though not many are aware of who Valerie is, she is origin from Singapore who was part of the (disbanded) Sea*A, and now is the solo singer herself. This year AFA Theme song, Origami, is also sung by her too.

I had to admit the song is very catchy and nice.


Nice clothes... Too bad not my size (=x= ||)


Day 3: I wonder where this gone =\

Seem like May'n like Singapore too!


Appearance at Horipro Stage and singing with some Question and Answers really made the Horipro Stage another place not to miss out. And to think that the autograph session is at the stage too.

Well, at least I get to say "Thank you for coming to Singapore" to May'n myself.

Still, I left the same message to them in their survey too. Thanks to the Horipro for making the stage one lively place.


Well, Starchild (King Records) may not have much of a space for a booth, but their turnout isn't as bad as the other.

Trust me; when Angela appear, it flooded with people

What I had to say is that K project Anime is just one of the best anime I watched so far, and really hope if there is a second season for it.

And I'm also a fan of Angela band. Just that I was hesitating at first to buy their new Music CD and get their autograph, but good thing I really go up and get their autograph, spoke to them a little and shake their hands.

Their appearance isn't just only for the sake of appearing or autograph session only. They do have some singing session, which is the reason why their booth got a big turnout.

I had to admit one things, I never get tired of their songs (*v* )


Their booth isn't hard to find, just find that big balloon... ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━



Also, Cosplayer Kaname also appear at the booth as one of the characters in K.

Smile for the Camera; Angela!

Ok, I really wonder if they were looking at me cos it seem they are, when I was taking photo of them.

Even so, I really like their pose and how cool they look.

If you asking me why I been a fan of them, the reason would be that their songs really amazed me, in which especially when Atsuko's voice is really nice.

Frankly speaking, I got no idea on how to comment on her. But for Katsu-kun, he sure is the cheerful and nice guy you don't get to expect when you saw him playing his guitar.

Another 2 booths also got their own crowd when this girl group appears.


AOP (Anime O-en Project | A応p) come down to Singapore to appear for PES (Peace Eco Smile) by Toyota and Studio 4°C

But they also go to the Japacon Booth which got one life size dolly down there. Not to forget that Danny Choo and the president of Japacon also were down there.


Life Size Doll you don't see personally daily

In the case you're wondering, it would be great you go and follow their facebook if you want to know more about Japan Contents where they showcase and spread more on Japan culture. Pretty much like how Danny Choo do, what they done is giving news and contents which might interest some otakus in Singapore.

Their website also got the gold on the news.

An Anime to show safety on Driving.. ok that really something new

For PES, it about learning safety and smarty when it come to driving a car. Many tend to overlook little details in Driving like slowing down the car when coming near to the pedestrian crossing, and they made it in a form of Anime, and those little alien life forms characters sure look cute.

Free Autograph.. I got to shake hand with them... (TwT ||)

They sure are the cheerful girls and they do give free autograph. Really is free, but there isn't much in Singapore who are aware of them though. Even so, one should welcome them warmly and I'm embarrassed that one of the, seem to take notice of my Evangelion T-shirt at that time.

Never forget to show the "V" pose

Did I forgot to mentioned Free Handshake?

Not Milk Shake dey...

But who say that one need to have a good voice to sing an Anime song? Well, it would seem that Hello Japan! was down here in AFA SG 2013 to introduce Japan stuffs and new too. Also, it does seem that they bring someone down to their booth too.


And there even Cocolo-chan who down here to sing and dance too.


Normally I was expecting most staff not to let people take photo too closely.

But at least I was pulled in and take a few photos, still I had to admit one thing, Cocolo chan sure very fast and nicely too.

Same pose as the poster.. yea.. she really cocolo-chan (*o* ||)

I really amazed at their costumes... Really! (*o* ||)


When there is a crowd for this booth, it can block the flow of Human Traffic here.

There was one booth that caught my attention when I was peeking around, and that is TamStar Records.


Doesn't ring a bell?

Well, it fine since many aren't aware of them, and not even me until I so happened to look into the ceiling for no reason and notice this booth due to the name.

If you know about Supercell, then you will know a little bit of about them.

What amazed me is that they really bring some of their CDs for sale here, and of course as a fan of Miku songs, I had to take a little peek.

Those "Records" in the name can let one know that they are the place where one records their song/voice. But it really took me a while to remember since I was staring at the ceiling for unknown reason.

I think they really tried their best on the ... wall?
Anyways, the first thing was that many booths had interesting posters or even pasting their handout on the wall, but TamStar Records wall just amazed me. I really thought that they were afraid no one will notice this booth.

Or that they didn't bring the right posters. Either way, I still think that it a good thing that they come down, and they do have some nice products in their little booth.

Ok, now we done on most of the Japan Culture and Music places, of course I left with Danny Choo.


What amazed me this time around isn't just her display of the posters or the MoeKanji and MoeKana on the table or even the display of the Mirai Doll and Nendoroids,

It was the Big Screen at the top which showcase Mirai and her gang dancing.

The first thing was like "Wow!" when I noticed the screen, which not any booth had other than Horipro booth.

The next thing that comes to my mind was whether if Danny Choo used the MMD (Miku Miku Dance) for the Mirai Dance. I like how the screen showing non-stop of Mirai dancing.

But of course, first thing when arriving here - Getting my Free Ticket to Culture Japan Night Singapore; The Mirai T-Shirts.

Don't worry about that, since I need to complete on those posts about AFA. It been delayed by me for some days. Even so, I still want to share the Peeking at CJ Night as soon as possible.

Triple Dancing Mirai.. Triple the Moe Power

It's not that hard to know where Culture Japan Booth since I ran and dash past this booth just to get to Sony Music Booth.

After in which I get to this booths just to grab those lovely Mirai Clothes. I will post about what I grabbed from this booth with my clean hands in another post.

I do believe there are people who want to know the damages I taken from this AFA itself.


Mirai Poster at the back of the booth.

MoeKana and MoeKanji
Well, my Imouto did want to grab the MoeKana and MoeKanji the other day when we were peeking at Kinokuniya Singapore, but it's just so happen that Danny Choo decided to sell them at a even lower price, so my Imouto asked me to grab it.

No, she don't call me "Oni-Chan" when I called her "Sis", she call me "Kor" (Big Brother).

Ok, Kor got what Sis want le.


Problem would be that I wonder what both my Imouto and I going to play this game, since the both of use aren't good in Japanese, but still in the learning phase.

Don't they look cute.. and sexy?

A little bit more and I can see her.. er.. never mind..
Well, Danny Choo did bring down his lovely daughters and letting them pose for many Peekers. I wonder just how many people had taken photo of those lovely daughters.

Clothes for the doll.. or the Smart Doll which Danny Choo is undergoing?


Nice Umbrella

Er.. For some unknown reason. Mirai look like in Yandere Mode...
I may had taken my Mirai Nendoroid out for some walking, but I yet to design her Car, and this had gave me an idea on how I can design her Itasha.


Mirai Cute Line Stickers
Danny Choo also introduced Line Stickers showing cute Mirai with very cute emotion / expression, and they sure look so cute no matter how I see.

Ok, any more of Mirai and I might gone crazy.


Occasionally, Danny Choo would appear at his booth to sell his products, or taking some photos with his comrades. There are some who wanted him to deface their stuffs like posters or T-shirts.

This year I did not approach at AFA other than having a little chat and a photo taking of him at CJ Night instead.

Day 3: Many Posters "No More Liao!!"
Not sure if he can even remember me first of all (=x= ||)

Anyway, My imouto also a fan of Mirai since she is cute. And for this blog of mine, I asked her to help me create a little cute mascot too. Well you can look forward to meeting this cute mascot of mine.

And speaking of Cute, the next one I going to peek into is the Good Smile Company, since they got a lot of figurines, and their Nendoroids ARE cute..

I do like Good Smile Company figurines, since the nendoroid are cute, the figma can pose nicely while those scale figurines are nutrients for my peeking eyes since their details are nicely done.

If you want to know more, I think you can peek at what they brought down to AFA and those photos can let you know why I like their products, and I not going to talk much on them.

I did miss out on many figurines report myself (TwT ||)

Many different cute Nendoroids on display

The Neko activated my Sparkly Eye.

Nice stage for those cuties.


Get one for each month... or I can grab them in one shot (=x= ||)

Misaka Imouto... ready for action..
Had to give one head up, I did grabbed this nendoroid Misaka Imouto out of many figurines which I can grabbed with my clean hands. Wondering why?

Well, this year AFA the only figurine I even really grabbed is this, and there just so many different figurines which activated my Sparkly Eyes. But I had to dig into my Secret X3 Money which my Black Rock Shooter Wallet had sealed off.

In the end, this was the only figurines which I was able to afford.. (TwT ||)

Look forwards to her photo shot when I start with the other.

In the case you're wondering why I did not post the other Nendoroid.

Reason simple, my phone does not enough space for more photo shot, and that is when my new camera comes in. What happened to my old Camera? ... It died on me.

She seem to look down on those below her..

The favor Couples in Sword Art 

I found myself staring blankly at the middle nendoroid since I was waiting for my pre-order

I wonder when the Anime Season 2 for Dangan Ronpa


Pose for the camera!


The figurines which is my favor and unable to grab.... Ah.. the pain...






I blowing at her..

Ok.. sold out on Day 1... Maybe I also need a Tenshi in my hiding spot

Honestly saying Samus is one of my favor game character

Rin and  Len

Many were Sold Out... Maybe since they are cheaper than the figurines booth at AFA..
One thing for sure is that the Good Smile Company really sold their Nendoroids, Figmas and Scale Figurines at way cheaper prices than the price in Singapore, which is why I regretted not grabbing most of them, but either way, I still awaiting for my pre-order of nendoroids.

But now that I think about, I can't stop remembering the amount of sold out on Day 3 myself... The above photo was Day 1 afternoon.. Luckily I grabbed Misaka Imouto earlier or she will be gone..

Another of my favor booth is also down in AFA, and that would be Bandai, which many Gundam Fan would know, and for some, One Piece.


Thing is, I did promised my Imouto to grab the Going Merry and Thousand Sunny model kits for her, but I'm the one going to build it.

And I still had my own gundam waiting for assembling. Well, anyway, I still need to do my own stuffs first, and I try to be quick..


Ok, the one thing I had to admit is that for Good Smile Company and Bandai, they did a good job in displaying "Sample" out to let people see, and selling those products to interested customers.

That what I called - "Marketing"

Still, I had to admit that the good thing is that I was able to take a photo of the Model of the Straw Hat's Ship so my Imouto can know what she grabbing.

My imouto did not go down to AFA since she was busy with her stuffs, so she get to enjoy AFA via my photo and of course whatever she want, she will ask me or call me.

What so important with her stuffs that she can't come down to AFA?

3 little kittens that were abandoned by someone and my Dad brought back home.

Anyway, back to peeking at some nice models and figurines at the Bandai booth. Sure, they are very nicely done too.


This is one of the attraction for this AFA, since he is welcoming many at the Entrance. It no surprise that many take photo of themselves with this robot from Valvrare.








The more I stare at them, the more I wonder when I going to finish mine..




Well, those Gunpla sure look so cool and nice. Just that I really wonder when I'm able to take some time to build on my collection of model kits. I really want to build them since only I got the time. (TwT ||)

My Imouto's Favor ships


My Imouto did ask me which is cheaper for the ship.

Thing is, I had to take a photo of the 2 different scale and sending to her to compare. Well, since my imouto prefer to have bigger one and more details, the bigger one wins.



This gave me a shock.. I wonder how long I last seem it series


One mustn't forget the point that Bandai also got their capsule balls, and truthfully, they got nice cute little characters inside each capsule machine.

I wonder if there anyone who waste a lot of money to try to get the one they want..


Another booth, Sega, also got their own attraction for this AFA too.


Ok, not Sonic the hedgehog who appeared personally to represent their booth. For me, the only thing if I going to buy, when it come to Sonic, it would be the games, which are so interesting and nice to play with.

Well, I like their figurines too, but like I said, I on a budget, so I didn't grabbed any from this booth.

The good thing about this booth though is that they let people to try out the Sonic games which made use of the Xbox Kinetic.

The games is fun to play with too.




A lot of sonic mechanics.



Though Sonic might be very well-known in Sega, but that isn't the only thing this booth can offer.

There was a survey where they want to know which of the design on the wall is the favor.


This design look cute. (*w* !!)


Another thing that amazed me is that the staffs went and fold paper crane, and lots of them too, which they later sew them together and hang it at their booth.

You don't get to see this in Singapore in a normal day

Though this event may be Anime, but one mustn't forget the facts that many series also come from Manga, and one interesting thing is having Manga Festival happening during Anime Festival. Talk about having 2 events in one shot.

I wonder if there a Japan Light Novel Festival though..


This Manga Festival is when they showcase more about Manga, and bringing up awareness in Manga since many Anime Series origins from Manga before Animation.

What amazed me is that this booth got many Manga / Light Novels / Graphic Pictures being on display. And it also seems that they happened to introduce an E-Comic.

Well, I do peek into Manga online (=x= ||)

But I still bought the original book if I like it.


What so nice about this booth is that they showcase many pictures of the Manga series, and many of them are very old series which I peeked since young.


Due to many of the origin manuscripts, parts of a Manga, or pictures drawn by Mangaka being showcase on the wall, there are many peekers who take photo of what they like.


In the case one might mistaken, Miku and Vocaloid is NOT of any Anime or Manga, it origin from a software, in which later become popular, thus having appear in Manga drawn by many different Mangaka, each of them with different plot / story.


Peeking at some of the Manga made me wanted to get back home and peek into more Manga myself.

Most of my friends are aware that I tend to peek into Manga more than Anime, but there are times when I peek into Anime when I felt like it.

A Series which I followed since I was a child till the end of the series.

A cat reading a newspaper and drinking milk from a milk carton via a straw - Your argument is invalid.


A Series I never forget since I watched when I was young
Ok, since it comes to this series, I will now tell you why I liked this Anime.

When I was still in Primary School, there was a morning screening of this anime in the morning 6am+. And in order to ensure I wake up timely, my mum would switched on the TV and change to the channel which is screening this anime.

And in an automatic reflex, I would wake up and watched this anime with I ate my breakfast.

Normally I would just threw whatever my mum passed to me, into my mouth, so I can never recalled what I ate for breakfast other than the anime itself.




What's seen, can never be unseen.


Books are also on display, waiting for peekers



And of course where in Singapore do many Japanese Manga appear in?

Kinokuniya of course.

This time they also selling not only books only. Still, there are nice books being on sale, and the creators for the Manga Pokemon Adventures Special did appeared for the event.

I did follow the series since young too (*x* !!)

LiSA's books were also pre-order at this booth.




Animax also got their booth down here, and they offered freebies on top of free photo shot.

Well, the good thing is the nice background where one get to choose, and the photos can be download at their facebook.



The thing is, they aren't the only booths who offered free photo shot with nice background too.


Not only do they let people had their photo taken and wash it instantly, the backgrounds aren't bad too. Even one of my favors Series Coppelion background is also in one of the 6 choices.

Well, the place tend to be crowded with many people going for the Mini-stage events, that I never taken one myself, sadly.


Even so, the mini-stage got many nice events where appearance by some famous cosplayers, or special guest appearance.

It really got crowded when one of the events start.


Appearing out of nowhere would be the Gigantic Titan's Head, and of course, it's one of the attractions which also mysteriously disappear on Day 3.

Many people also went down to have their photo taken with the Titan, while some want to act as if they're the titan attacking the wall.

I wasn't sure if it was me, or that I tend to see many cosplayers coming down to that booth to have their photo taken with the head.

Well, like they say, better fast or we don't known when the head will mysteriously disappear.



The booth where along with The IdolM@ster, given out many Titan Head band for people, which I headed up having one when I doesn't want to.

But that not all, they also given free taboos stickers for people, and they offered to stick them on the people.

Well, I don't like having a taboos at those moments, so I declined the offer.

I wonder if the screen just so happened to be showing that face...

Having Taboos stickers placed on someone

I choose the cute girls instead of giants


Well, cute girls are cute and nice to look at, which is why it also seems that Internet Explorer also got it own mascot.

Honestly saying, I not a fan of IE myself, since I changed from IE to Firefox, and before to current Chrome.
But even, it still good to see that they had some cute girl to represent their brand.

I still wish the company would make IE more secured, faster and more users friendly though.

I wonder if this is a declaration of Next-in-making Nendoroid mode.
I do know that many Internet users do not use IE due to some reason, be it known or unknown, personal or other related reason.

But one mustn't forget that IE is one of the first browsers to Internet, which I used to step into the Internet world.



Still, I would think that it would be the Collateral Damage Studio that made the girl for IE cuter, and what more would be having a short anime for it?


Like last year AFA, this time Sword Art Online also appeared to have its own booth, and with some interesting products up for grab.

And there isn't all!

It did seem that they went and create an apps for the Android / Smart Phone that one can have their favor anime at the touch of their fingertip.

Though it do seem that it only got Magical Madoka and SAO at the moment. Well, one can wait for more.









There is also a booth where you buy a ticket for a price, and the ticket will show what you get.

Well, if you're lucky, you get a good prize, though the consolation price isn't bad at all.

Another attraction and one nice booth to boost, would be the Love Live!

Not only are there cute girl, there are many worshipers for the big wall poster of them.



If you didn't bow down to them, and regretted it, well, here the poster for you to .. peek, bow or do whatever you want.. (=x= ||)




During the day till night, when there is a huge crowds, it was hard for many to bow down to them, which is why some stayed back late so they can bow down to those cute idol.

Even I did the same myself (=x= !!)



Though I'm not into cards game myself, but that doesn't mean that Cardfight Vanguard isn't holding their tournament. There sure are many cards players, but that isn't the only card game that appear down at the Events, it did seems that Bushiroad did brought down more than just that.



Good thing that AFA also one good place to let many show their products' awareness, and it seem that this site got some interesting stuffs, from watching anime to selling figurines in their site.

One might not be aware of Daisuki.Net, but they do screen some show / program on and from Japan, which is good to let some Japan Culture lover to peek into.

Well, you can go and take a peek. They did give postcards and their "plastic bag" to let many people be more aware of their site, and it doing a pretty good job from what I peek.


There are also some more booths that trying to bring out their awareness too.



Hmm... maybe I need to learn and improve on my Japanese...

There are also Figurines booths which appear down at AFA, and 4 of which I had known also appear, though there are a few other booths which I wasn't fully appear.


Toycoin... can't forget about them. Still need to thank for the lady boss for her kindness in temporary keeping hold to my pre-order for bit longer...

Well, my stuffs had arrived and I yet to collect them from her.. Well, trying to make an arrangement that is good for both side.

Even so, from what I peek, it did really seem that there isn't much grabbers for Figurines this time around at all the figurines booth. But the sale is flowing, at least.

I wonder if it was because of Good Smile Company.. they did had something nice at their booth (*w* !!)


The selling point of those booths aren't just having many figurines, they did have sales, which isn't happened at normal day. So there are many who grabbed the figurines since they were interested in them.


Nice display of those figurines at the Megahouse booth. Well, I wonder if many went to take photo instead of grabbing those figurines. But their products are nice too.






Small and cute little figurines.






The price also seem reasonable..






Another big booth here, Latendo.

Well, they got many grabbers too, but not that many. Still, they sure showcase some nice figurines, and their price did lower.. Just a little.


They sure got a bigger booths as compare to ToyCoin, Robo Robo and Rapid Culture. Well, I got one photo with Toycoin lady boss inside, but she did ask me not to publish it.


Ok, I noticed this time I never grabbed a figurine of a girl in swimsuit...





Miku and Sonica... ok.. I can go and sleep peacefully and dream of the Sea.



There are a few booths that put some anime stuffs on sale, and there are many grabbers for this. I wonder if it's because wallet or clear file more usable than a figurines. Either way, I did grabbed a lot of anime stuffs myself, and one figurine only. Not that I got any right to comment on.


Even so, there are some stuffs that went "Sold Out"


Hmm, this booths got not only is pink and bright, their products and t-shirts are very cute too.



I like the jacket for unknown reason...


Last sale price cut at Day 3... Hmm..




Want to wield a swords / Katana?

Well, they do sold from big wooden one to keychain one.



The smaller booths where many artists sell their products and drawing, do draw in a crowd too.


Hmm.. Seem like Daiyaki also appeared here.




Small Can badges are the common products at the back of this alley.

Well, they do have some nice drawing and keychains too.


However, the one that got many grabbers at anime stuffs would be the Proware x Odex booths and Muse Booth. Odex even got 2 booths which got many grabbers, and to the point that they combine into one booths after many products were sold out.

And I did grabbed a lot of stuffs from both booths myself.








Seem like there also a promote awareness on one online card game by Cherry Credits.


At the way back of the hall is where the foods and drinks are, with the main attraction being the AFA Cafe. Well, there are handsome butlers and pretty / cute Maids inside.


Little bit behind would be some nice fingers tasty food.


Too bad I didn't bought any despite the nice smell. (TwT ||)

I using the money only for the sake of buying anime stuffs. Food can wait until I reached back home and cook some nice tasty instant noodles.



Wacom also appear at the front of the whole events before I forgot about them. Their new products are also fine and easy to use, it would seem.

I got my Sparkly Eye set on one of them.


Not really fond of make-up myself, but they do sell some nice make-up here. Still, it best not to look below that signboard since not only girls patronage the place.


Crowds inside the AFA isn't a joke, and there are just too many peekers, walkers and grabbers. Well, I also belong to all three, and during short break to rest my legs, there isn't much place to sit down.

So I had to hide inside some places where no one can find me. (Sadly, I still get spotted by those who know me)


There are also some nice cosplayers inside the hall, and they sure look from cool to nice and cute.




ER... Trap or not Trap?

Anyway, the events sure is another successful one, marking the sixth AFA one great events to go. Well, I would say it better than the last year one, since it at Suntec Convention Centre, which is nearer than Singapore Expo.

Well, I will post the concert, cosplayer and the items I grabbed at separate post individually, but I also got my hands full with other stuffs.

But have no fear, I will still go ahead and post them as soon as I can.

As for now, to those who went, did you enjoyed the AFA?
And to those who don't, I hope you get to know what happened in AFA.

Over and out!
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