Friday, November 15, 2013

Mada's Walking Session on AFA Day 0 / Preparation

Ok, I do know that I been out for the count for a very long time, but as promised, here the stuffs for starting on AFA which I went for a full 4 Days course. 

Wait, Did I mentioned wrongly? No, though this year Anime Festival Asia made an exception where Friday is when the Exhibition started when it was supposed to be on Saturday. 

I went on the Thursday to grab the Ticket which started selling.

And also to take a few peeking and sniffing around. Like what many say, knowing the territory win half the battle. Only problem is that I can't go in to the Exhibition Hall unless I was given permission... too bad.

Still, I will let you know what I grabbed too.
a handy camera for photo taking
Unlike previously when I only use my Iphone 4 to take photo of my walking session, this time, I got hold on a nice little camera for Photo-taking.

Of course it to ensure that I take good and neat photo of AFA and CJ Night which come the day after the event.

Not to complain too much for not using a very high tech camera, but I just need a camera for photo-taking, and at the very less, post them up.

Also, my phone doesn't have the spare space to take more photo. Good thing is that my parents decided to chip in SGD 100 which mean that this will be use for family.

Well, I did need to consider a user friendly so that my parents can easily use it.

A very Smart Samsung Camera

Spare parts
Open those images in another tab if you want to take a good look at those photo, they do come out very clearly.

Now that I think about it, it was a good thing for me to grab this camera just before the AFA Event, if not, I wouldn't be able to take good photo of the place, and some nice cosplayer during the walking session.

But good take note that for this post, those photo I upload are taken from Iphone 4, the actual event and CJ Night is from the camera.

Well, enough of what I was preparing my stuffs for the events, and let me show the peek of what I peeked during the day 0 of AFA.

Of course, it just outside which I was allow to take photo with.

I wonder how many TV are there

I really amazed at the newly re-constructed Suntec, since I didn't went there for a walking session for a very long time.

Last year AFA was at Expo since Suntec was under construction, but since it back to Suntec, it made thing easier.

It mean less travelling for me since Expo was way too far from my hiding hole.

Another about the ad to show many about the AFA event was that I got a shock at the screen.

Making up of many screens (for unknown reason, some of them are not working well) can really seem to welcome those want to know where the event is taking place.

Too be frank, I did take a wrong detour on the Event day despite going there on Day 0.

Suntec layout really change a lot.

I not fond of height... so I don't dare to go near

I wondered what the flower in the middle is for...
One thing I had to give note is that during previous AFA at SunTec, Level 3 are mostly popular for Cosplayers to be around.

And it did seem that this time they made the hall way way more bigger than what I expected.

Really, I amazed at the big space around, and just one look you can imagine just how much place cosplayers can pose.

The popular choice for the cosplayers to have their photo taken is at level 3 where their back is near the window.

At first I thought many might choose the flower pot in the middle, but seem like this year many of them like the clear glass window. Maybe during the lighting and the background.

Don't the place look more bigger?

Ok, back to what my purpose for going for Day 0, it was just to grab the tickets first so I don't need to queue up on the event day itself. I will explain the reason at Day 1 post.

Interestingly, when I expected the queue to be long, turned out to be not.

So it take me just a few seconds to grab the entrance tickets for the events.

This year I do went for the Concerts itself, and my ear been having the ringing sound and a few day after due to the loud noise side effects after getting out of the concert.

My hands were very tired too due to swinging too much of the light stick. 

Well, for now, I still hearing well now... I guess? I know my hands are fine since I typing this post out.

no queue on Day 0, but I wonder...
a Little peek outside.. seem like preparation are being done at the exhibition hall
Pick your starter Pokemon
There is for Day 0, but I wonder how I going to post on Day 1... Reason?

There just too many photo taken, but I still need to filter out some to post. Still, don't worry, because some of the photo are blur or not that nice.

In anyway, in order to complete the preparation for the AFA events, I need to go on the Walking Session, and before I step out of the house and into the Wildness, I need a pokemon, and I went to Liang Courts Kinokuniya to pick them up.

If you wondering what I grabbed, stay tuned to AFA day 1 post and I will tell you then.

For now, Over and Out.

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