Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Developed by ArenaNet
Published by NCsoft
Directed by Mike O'Brien

Console - PC (Microsoft Window)
[Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game]

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Gotten my Clean hands with the Guild Wars 2, and surely, really surely as based on what the video show, it really not a bad game to grab with.

What got it very interesting, is not because it just any MMO which you can get, or even play any way or where or even when.

Yes, initially I do have some problem in playing this game, but one can slowly get better at this kind of game, and it not sometime even World of Warcraft or Dekaron can come close.

The big improvement in the modified game engine from it previous successor, Guild Wars, really made it impact.

And it really take some time to slowly getting used to it, but quickly get to the top.

For someone like me who not very good in this type of games, I was kind of shocked on how Story line can affect everything.

And no one, and really no one can have the same role, as each individual choices can affect the overall.

Even what amazing, as mentioned by AngryJoe is how Skills had taken to the next step; There no fixed set of skills, since different weapons got their own skills.

So you can use 1 sword and 1 dagger, and doing different skills or attack, and it still depend on what jobs (Professional) that you initially started out with.

I'm not really how bad it got, but I still find nothing of it affect the overall game play at all. And this game, really let you want to have more players playing with you.

Soloist, step aside. Well, not really since some quests can be done alone, but for most parts from where I started out, you really want to have more players, and everyone still get their own share of item and Exp.

Just helping out a little also matter a lot. Even when I meet and fight, there no such thing like Kill-Steal (KS), but instead, helping each other out.

You can even help one stranger player, and revive him while you're at it, to later get a thank.

This game also take Exploration to another level, where you want to visit the place, since there bonus to it, which pretty much make you going to different places a lot.

Quests? You don't really need to talk to npc, since it's auto and you can just kill around and do those quests.

Only those special Group Quests Events where many players can gather together to do, or kill boss monster; will need to be activated by talking to NPC.

And what worst can it get? Everyone gathering together to do the quest, and the EXP / Bonus is a lot! No need to worry if you think there no one to help; They DO want to help you, since they will get rewarded too.

Overall, I really found this game very great to start out, and something which me and my sister wanted to grab in the first place.

Though currently playing with my friends, this game allow interact and helping each other out in story despite different level. Pretty good and my praises to those Creators and Makers.

What great about this game is that it required the very minimal requirement Software, which basically meant that even my Lousy PC which got very low-end Graphic Cards, Motherboard and i3 Processor can even play this game.

While trying this game out on my sister Mid-end PC, the graphic really got me shocked and stunned at just how well those Designers had work on.

Even the world map is way way bigger, but you still want to explore and visit around to earn those bonus and rewards.

The backgrounds and even the monsters / Animal just look so great and nice. And to top it off, the background Music (BGM) actually is very nice, and very fitting for the background.

A change in the music will let one notice there is some changes, like even there a boss monster appearing.

But what got me really shocked? Monsters fighting each other.

YES! You get to kill both off, or wait until one get kill off and you step in to finish the other off after it been weaken.

Well, just kill both since you get more EXP / Rewards, which pretty much sum it up.

Did I almost forgot mentioning that even those NPC can fight?

I got a hard time trying to notice and difference those NPC from normal players. My Praise to the Creator for having NPC walking around in map and hitting monsters like normal players. They can be your helpers when you really need them.

Interact with NPC is actually amusing, and there are some monsters which you can interact too. But for some monsters / bandit / bad guys who can speak and talk, you'll might it amusing when they speak during or after the battle.

Even random talking between NPCs can be interesting too, if you get to meet them, which most of them are post group events.

As far as I Peeked, Do you want to start out an all out war around and about, and maybe against those Elder Dragons in Guild Wars 2?

(Credits - Photo-taken from Guild Wars 2 Homesite | IGN)

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