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Mada's Figurines Report 25 September 2012

As continued from Previous Figurines Report, well, this time the following Figurines don't really seem to have a Series Collection, but still good to collect one of them anyway.

First off, maybe a Monster Hunter cosplay.

Yozora Mikazuki (Monster Hunter ver.) @Amiami

For those who peeked into the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, there is an very interesting part where the 3 Main Characters playing Monster Hunter together, and I laughed at how they fight a hunter which can be so amusing.

Sena and Yozora fighting each other, which can happened in the original game, but it will not do any real damages to the Health Point at all. But that is not only the point which make this figurine very interesting only.

The Pose and Details is what the selling point, which is at the cost of 6,500 Yen Rounded up over @Amiami, and interestingly, the Maker had ensure that Yozora is wearing the same costume as in the Anime, which seem to me that it just a matter of time before Sena in her Monters Hunter Costume Figurine to be released.

Sena and Yozora not just the only Dangerous Girls around holding Weapons, there are some other girls who hold very dangerous weapons.

Homura Akemi @Amiami

The Gun which she is holding is not really scaring me, but what got me very shocked when I noticed the face, which is very unlike from the Original Art.

Not sure how, but the eye felt very different from what I expected at first, but maybe due to that, which is why this Figurines seem to look very real and nice too.

What more, her pose is not something to overlook too, sine she standing on one legs, and seem to lie down on some Air Bed.

The Hair and Clothes can be see that they are nicely made, and I like how the Gun ready to shoot even though she not aiming at anyone.

Well, best be careful since she is a very powerful Magical Girl.

Another Dangerous Magical Girl holding a very Dangerous Chainsaw is also in Sight, but also in Swimsuit!?

Haruna @Amiami

No matter how I peek into Korewa Zombie Desuka for the Season 1 and Season 2, I would just laugh at those funny gag, and to even think that Mystletainn Kick was just using the Chainsaw, named Mystletainn.

But since the product line is Beach Queens, it should pretty much explain why Haruna is wearing her swimsuit, but holding Mystletainn?!

Best be careful of that Kick, since Mystletainn is the one who going to do the real kicking around.

Looking at the Pose and Standing position, it seem like Haruna is ready to strike anyone, though there will be some guys doing some Staring down due to her figures.

But what I would say that a girl that is ready to strike down anyone, would be posing something like this.

Ikaruga (Senran Kagura) @Amiami

Surely and ready enough, that unsheathing of the long Katana, is not something to overlook, and to top it up, it look really nice and great, despite it being thin too.

From the look of the photo, it also seem that the hair details is very nice and detail nicely for the edge.

Her big Oppai may be consider as a bonus, but what make her body look really nice may be due to the White Uniform and Black Pant.

Look Both Cool and Beautiful at the same time, plus the details on her Uniform look very nice. But what gave me a Wondering Though might be due to her Face expression, which don't seem to give a killing instinct.

Well, you'll never when she will strike you when she showing that Face Expression, plus that long Katana look very Dangerous. Almost forgot her Skills is very high too.

Enough dangerous girl, and let peek into some nice and cute girl for the latter two.


Her pose pretty much seem like flying or floating, her hair very long and pretty.

But what got me Sparkly Eye Activated, is that her Eye is Also Sparkly Eye, but her being more prettier than me.

Leave aside her causal clothing, which already made her look very nice, and my praise for the Sculptor for able to make this, since it not that easy for the Hair to look that detailed.

Cost at around 8,000 Yen rounded up. It can tell just how nice it been make, and I wonder why Vocaloid characters each look so cool, handsome / pretty, and cute too.

One must thank those who give their voice for the Vocaloid too.

Honestly saying, I was never fond of School Uniform myself, since for unknown reason, I hated wearing it.

But when it come to Anime and Manga, I gotten a Mix Feeling about it.

Miyabi Kannagi @Amiami

Well, most anime are reaching their end of the Season, and new Anime are Ready to set Flight, but Miyabi is not letting that off.

Interestingly, this figurine which cose 5,500 Yen rounded, look not just cute, but also very nice at how her Uniform really fit to her.

I wonder why my previous school Uniform was just White top and Blue Pant only. Again, those twin tails are a dangerous weapons, which make many many girl look younger in some ways. Even when my own Imouto go Twin tails, she look like a Little Girl!! (Much to her dismay..)

But Miyabi not the only one who also look good in School Uniform.

Yui Kotegawa @Amiami

Very interestingly, she can remove her clothing to reveal her Swimsuit under, which actually look good on her, but to think that it actually the Bikini.

But that is not just the point of problem which got me really shocked, the detail of the clothing look really nice and good, but the problem lie on the part that it can be stripped.

I couldn't notice that it was removable, and again. the hair look very nicely detail especially for the edge. But that I just notice that she can change her shoe to sandal too.

Still depend on the Grabber to let Yui be in School Uniform or Swimsuit.

If not, just a Normal Girl wearing School Uniform holding a very dangerous Sword, ready to strike.

Kureha (Shining Wind) @Amiami

One must really notice that many figurines had their Hair Edge detailed out nicely, which is one of the selling point, that come along with the detail of the school uniform.

Interestingly, the sword is somehow transparent, but at the same time not, since at the first peek of it thought it look like a normal sword.

Well, maybe due to her school Uniform, the skirt seem to be short from what I peeked.

If you want to go for long skirt, you might want to ask Nanoha out then.

Nanoha Takamachi (CW-AEC00X Fortress & CW-AEC02X Strike Cannon) @Amiami

She really been wearing Long skirt whenever she gone Magical Girl mode.

But one thing for sure, her Strike Cannon is not something you want to mess with.

Maybe you can ask her to wear a short skirt for better movement, then go under her and stare upward.

Well, how she going to aim her Strike Cannon at you, will be up to her. You might want to wear your Barrier Jacket just in case.

If you don't like Skirt, then you might want to grab Kriska wearing Army "Easy" Jacket.

Kriska Barchenowa Army Easy Jacket Ver.

But she not wearing her Bra too, which her Jacket pretty much cover her Oppai a little.

What got my Sparkly Eye Activated was how the figurine look really great from a certain angle, and wearing only her Pantsu.

Anyway, her pose on sitting is why I like this figurines, and it cost at 6,100 Yen, which is considered as a good grab, but it still burn my Black Rock Shooter Wallet.

Another Nendoroid that got me very interested when I peek into this was due to she was wearing her goggle.

GUMI (Virtual Vocalist) @Amiami

While I like Black Rock Shooter wearing her Hoodie, seem like Goggle is a not choice of accessory too.

She look really cool when wearing it, and it seem like she ready to fly off in her Rocket Carrot.

I really wonder how she will set off in that Carrot, but my praise to Good Smile Company for letting her sitting down on that Carrot.

I also wonder if she need a license for that though.

Well, not sure how figurines can look so nice, which pretty details on their clothing, and nice Hair-style, but as far as I peeked, any figurines gotten you Sparkly Eye Activated?

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