Monday, September 3, 2012

Mada's Figurines Reports 3 September 2012

Let start this Week first Figurine Report, but Second for the month, since I did the Figurines Report for this month first 2 days ago.

Nyaruko Figma @Amiami

The Doll Version and the Nendoroid Version are pretty much cute when I first peek at Nyaruko figurines beforehand.

I was shocked to saw the Smirk Face Expression for this figma! One must really be careful of her Space CQC (Close Quarter Combat).

Since it a figma which is able to do many different action pose, and she's equipped with her Crowbar which is very deadly.

There are also different girls who are also equipped with deadly weapons, so let take a peek at a few of them this week.

If you played before the Shining Wind Game before, then you should be well aware that those Pretty Girls are Pretty Skilled too.

Both girls are equipped with their Deadly Weapons, so be careful if you cross them in some way or another.

What amazed me for both the Action Figurines is how they nice the equipment is, though I wonder about the face expression though.

The joint parts also seem not bad, especially for Seena who is ready to take anyone down with her Swordsmanship.

Those who are not aware of the Shining Games Series, you may want to take a peek at one of the Anime, Shining Hearts.

It would be shocking to know that those 3 pretty cute baker girls are very skillful, but they do not show their true power in anyway.

Honestly, I like most of the arts in Shining Series games more than the games. The later series got a shocking when Tony Taka later on drew most of the Design, especially for the girls.

Though there are hentai scenes which Tony Taka drew, what one can't deny is that his arts for many characters are strangely Good.

Drawing materials may be a deadly weapons for Mr Tony Taka, but those girls really got their own deadly weapons to wield around.

They are both dangerous girls in many ways, with or without their Deadly Weapon anyway.

Both Ryofu and Kanu are equipped with many Deadly Body Weapons;

  • Their Pretty Faces 
  • Nice Hairstyles 
  • Big Boobs (Bombs! I telling you, Bombs!)
  • Body Curves
  • Butts (I'm getting Nosebleed here!)
  • Sexy Legs.

The hands is best not be mentioned, because if you decided to cross one of them, the end of it would be their deadly weapons.

I had to admit that I might get a 5 seconds stuns (or maybe more) while staring at Kanu's under oppai, and she showing her butts and underwear off.

That is long enough to get a strike out from her Pole arm.

Also do not underestimate Ryofu when she not holding on to her deadly weapons, she pretty powerful too. Since both of the girls are powerful generals in their previous life.

Again, I can get another 5 Seconds Stun from staring at Ryofu. Imagine how many stuns I getting just trying to post this Figurine Report!

Considering that it a common traits that people can have their deadly weapons appear out of nowhere.

I wonder if this girl hide some in her luggage and hijack those unexpected victims;

Not sure who she really is, but what got me wondering was how she look so nice, and until I notice that her clothing can be remove to reveal her Swimsuit.

Well, her luggage seem big enough to carry some deadly weapons, if you're asking.

Not all deadly weapons is about holding it, and anyhow wielding them, one must have the mind and idea to do it.

Alice (Pajama ver.) @Amiami

Despite her look, she got an amazing brain, which is her deadly weapons in this case.

But her diet of Dr Pepper and Leek did made me wondered if I should follow her too.

I know that Miku like Leek a lot to the point of holding it as her deadly weapons.

And one of my friends like to drink Dr Pepper too.

Even now there are products with Girls which use deadly Weapons too.

Big Towel - Asuna @Amiami

Those who watched Sword Art Online, you would be well aware of how Asuna choose to take down enemies fast and furious, which earned her the title; "The Flash Asuna".

I wondering about the risk of using this towel after a nice bath.

Of course we need a change of clothes too.

-Horizon Ariadust Full Graphic T-shirt @Amiami
-Nate Mitotsudaira Full Graphic T-shirt @Amiami

Wearing them on your body can made you think that you're closer to them, and both girls are very powerful too.

Not bad for a personal bodyguard if you're asking me, though I wonder what might happen when 2 person going to wear the same Tee.

Well, anyway there are also many different girls with deadly weapons in their hands, and I got a few new one in my room which I will be taking photo of them at later date.

As for now, any girls with deadly weapons got you Sparkly Eye Activated?
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