Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Touching up with some Stuffs

Due to gift from my sister, got the Basara Series game in my collection, which meant I need to slowly complete the game.

Not bad since I do like Hack and Slash game, and that including Dynasty Warriors Series.

Anyway still got Guild Wars 2 to play with, and enjoying it with my friends and Imouto.

Went for some very very short Walking Session, and noticed that some new games went on store.

Well, I do talk with the People over at Lot 1 Comic Connection to know on some latest Manga and Games.

One of the guys also play games, but due to work, only play for 1 to 2 hours, and that including me, since I working part time.

But still not enough, since it's not easy being a salesman in the market.

Work for half a day and it take 1 whole day of energy, and most of my friends can said that I got the Energy and Time.

Not really got that much energy to be frank, and I do visit one good Chinese Traditional Medical Doctor to check my pulse today.

Interestingly, my internal organs are fine, but my "Qi" (Energy) is like an old man. What to say? I'm like an old man, got High Blood Pressure and Back pain. Even my glasses like to slip down and made me look like an old man. A 23 going 63.... And to think the Doctor even said that I still not married.

Well.. I not dating anyone in the first place...

Anyway, I'm not like Xiong Mao who happy playing with his new Toy, and it kind of relaxing to watch Xiong Mao playing around, and having some laugh.

Well, I still want to peek more Manga myself.

Oh well, I can't stop my mind from not touching Games, especially Guild Wars 2, which got me itchy, but unable to play yesterday due to work.

And to think I work a person Called Mr. Low and now working for another person, also called Mr. Low, both having the same Surname. Very amusingly at how things like Fate and Luck can play a person's life in some ways.

I wonder where Mr High went, but having working is still good work, better than having my parents nagging at me for not going outside.

Funny thing today, I was told by some that I got very nice Finger Nail, Skin and look thinner than last time. But I don't felt any different.

Just more tired each time and day. As far as I can think of, time to relax for a while, before I get into the world of Guild Wars 2.

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