Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report on Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

Grabbed during my Walking Session during STGCC 2012, and I did really want to grab it pretty much.

What I didn't expect much from first look is that it Seem simple and good to grab, until I notice that playing with my first Nendoroid is not gonna to be an Easy Task.

Yup, I did mentioned that Black Rock Shooter taken my spot in being the Figma and Nendoroid Figurine within my Collection.

Need to clean my hands a few times before I started to open it up and checking it out.

Again, since it's from Good Smile Company, it strangely got me Smiling while I tried out this nice Nendoroid.

With so many Spare part that come along with it, it sure got many way to start with, and combination to play with.

One can choose to let Black Rock Shooter go with her Normal Mode or Hoody Mode, and whether should her Left Eye Blue Flame be activated or not.

It still depend on individual choice, and I go along with Hoody Mood first instead, and I still playing with it, since I wanna try out all possible combination position it can do.

Not gonna get Shot or Slash by Her while I on it, but even so, what got me Shocked is at how great the Hoody Mode, which is out of my expectation.

Reason being, her Expression is Fierce, and the Shadow from the Hoody made it many time better.

Since it's a Nendoroid, so many parts can be fixed, and of course one can see the Good Smile Company Logo on some parts of the Nendoroid.

One thing just cross my mind, why didn't they try making Black Rock Shooter Smiling Face Expression. Anyway having grabbed this got me smiling silly enough.

Since It also come with 1 more Head, I got a scary thought on it when I placed the Normal Mode Head one side.

The way it staring at me sure look very real. Hopefully It not going to use those Weapons on me.

Anyway, if you're not sure how to start with it, then you may try out it Menu first.

Different parts play a different role, so one can expect many combination, and I only post just a few Peeking Photo to share first.

Figma Version will be post at later date, and I comparing it with my first Black Rock Shooter Figma to check all the differences.

But from what I go so far, this nice Nendoroid sure is nice to start out with, and many Action pose to play and try out with.

So, what's your first Nendoroid you start with?

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