Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Reports 11 September 2012

Been placing Anime Goods with the Figurine Report for some time, but decided to split both up for better preference and peeking.

Anime Goods are Normal Stuffs with Anime characters on the item, or some item look the same as those shown in Anime or other.

And this time, I decided to peek into Cospa Site to check what nice items, though I also hang out in Amiami Site while I on it too.

A good way to compare stuffs while using 2 Monitors and checking on the price. (=x= |||)

What actually got me amazed at first peek was Hatsune Miku decided to go back to being Dots Drawn.

Even so, it actually look really cute than I thought, and right off the bat while checking at Cospa, there're Clothes, Key-chain and even Notebook out for it.

Wouldn't mind getting the Key-Chain myself, since it cost around 630 Yen, around the Same price over @Amiami.

Yup, if you noticed, some item from Cospa are sold over from Amiami Site, so it actually depend on whom you want to order directly from.

Depend on individual person's choices, so it's still good, and interestingly, Cospa also got some good cosplaying item up for grabbing.

The Tee cost around 3,000 Yen (ext 50 SGD), which pretty much got me wondering which one to choose first.

I like the Moonlit Night myself, plus it also seem that Miku is wearing Yukata as based on the design. I suppose those little other below Miku, are flower which look so nice.

My praise to the one who thought and created this design, which got me Peek at it first among all other Anime Stuffs lying around.

Another unable to miss is some Pillow, Cushion and Dakimakura which one can hugs daily and sleep well with sweet dream.

Cushion (Sword Art Online) @Amiami

For SAO fans, there's a Cushion which you place on your Bed, Sofa or anywhere in this world.

Other world if you able to, and what got me wondering is why do Kirito appear 2 times, but I prefer the one where He and Asuna appear together.

One Dakimakura is enough for me, since I need some space to sleep in. Another Reason being -> I'll get kill off by my parents should I get another.

Not sure in future myself, but by far from I peeked, I yet to hear from my friends having Dakimakura, plus my friends considering mine is in the "Grey Area".

Though my Wall Paper in my room are in the Green Safe Zone, and when I got my own house, I might consider stepping Nearer to the Thin Red Line.

As to what I meant, Those Wall Scoll showing Girl in Swimsuit, which is consider between Cover-up and Nude.

That is the Grey Area (Near Nude, but still cover-up some parts, especially their Oppai and Lower Part). ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Kimi to Issho ni 2 (B2 Size) Wall Scroll @Amiami

Seeing just how much most of the Pictures being sold out, can point out how Safe they are to grab with, and place on the Wall.

But don't expect your room to be the Sea, unless you using a Water Bed, wearing a swim suit and dream that you're playing with the girls. Well, it still depend on how you go about it.

There still some other Anime Stuffs I peeking into, but I will post on what got me Sparkly Eye Activated. 

Which meant that Anime Goods Reports do not really have a fix Time/Date to post. That also meant that it might happen Figurine Report sometime.

New Stuffs are being update on many Sites, so it depend on how fast I Peek, which also take some time out of me too.

But as far as I peeked, I sure got a few Anime Goods in my room, and yet there're many more I wanna grab with my Clean Hands too.

Well, do you own any Anime Goods too?
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