Saturday, September 15, 2012

Koisome Momiji

Koisome Momiji
Dyed Maple Love

Creator - Sakamoto Tsugirou
Drawer - Miura Tadahiro

Series - Manga
18 Chapters so Far
[No Volumes yet | Ongoing]
Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha
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Story Plot start with Katsuragi Shouta, an easily shy person, who was asked by a girl to take a photo of her with Enoshima in the background.

But due to her Cuteness, Shouta become embarrassed and run off right after taking the photo of it, only to tell his friends in school later.

After decided to go to the same spot to see if he is able to meet the same girl again, and just as Fate and Destiny decided to help him, and some pushing from his friends, he was able to talk to the girl.

In an awkward way though, but able to know the girl's name as Shinomiya Sana, and to later learned at home that she is an actress who is going to film a drama at his school.

Initially no one were aware of Sana, until her debut and introduction was shown in television program, where she started to get a lot of attention, especially from Boys.

But Shouta was able to save Sana by being near to her, so they get their away from the groups who try to harass Sana.

Interesting, whenever Shouta get nervous, his face will turn Red immediately, which always gave him away.

In order to learn more about Love for the up-coming Drama she is going to act in, she ask Shouta to be her boyfriend and in some way, she actually fell in love with Shouta.

Well, he mistaken it as being partner at first, and to let love bloom as they get along. Even when it happened, he didn't noticed it and to even think that his First Love, Nanasato Yui (aka Nana-chan), appearing in between Shouta and Sana when they about to kiss on their first date.

Interesting to note that, Nana is very timid and shy girl, which pretty much like Shouta, but the sudden appearance shocked many of their old classmates who knew her.

Being daring and good-looking, having a very filling (big) Oppai, and top it off; She's an Gravure Idol, which meant that she pose a lot, no matter where, how or when.

I got a laugh out when I knew that when there a camera there, she can pose at the right moment; the action camera taken at the Amusement park, and to think that all the photo can show Nana doing pose, while Shouta screaming for his life.

Sana got jealous of it, and not even aware of it, until a simple chat with Nana to confirm that she actually is in love.

But that also meant that Nana not going to give up, since she also in love with Shouta before she transfer out of school during their childhood.

Another interesting thing to write off, Both Sana and Nana is playing a role in the drama where they fall in love with the same person, which pretty much the same in real life; they both love Shouta.

Due to that, his friends were either Jealous / Amaze at Shouta for having 2 girls falling in love with him. But somehow Shouta seem to go for Sana's route in this story.

Going as far as to beg a paparazzi to delete photo taken of Sana, and doing things for her sake too.

Pretty much gave him a good impression, but despite being girly, he do have his Manly side, which also another reason why Sana fell in love with him, and easily noted just in the first chapter.

If only Shouta can control his Nervousness, and not letting his face turn red, like almost immediate.

But somehow, their relationship isn't going to be an easy ride.

Even Sana's Manager, Hoshi Kyouko, actually Jealous of Shouta and prevent Sana and Shouta to meet up much together, unless they are going out with friends.

Despite her look, she actually a Sadist, and seem to be a Lesbian too.

Easily see her throwing her Jealously and Anger at Shouta a lot of time, including the first time when she noticed that Sana was in love with Shouta, but try to trick her that her feeling was not true.

Well, good thing Nana was also her friend, who confirm Sana's uneasiness was due to her own jealously, and feeling towards Shouta.

But Kyouko doesn't seem to be the only one stopping their relationship.

As an up-rising Actress, any scandal can cause her reputation to collapse, and that including her relationship with Shouta.

I was wondering about Nana's case when she openly ask Shouta out for a date, which got many boys Jealous and Angry at him, and the Rumor and Gossip just spread like wildfire.

But it didn't seem to affect Nana in any ways, and she even say that her company (that including Sana) allow them to freely choose their own private life.

Pretty much prove that Kyouko just Jealous at Shouta, but there's other stars who want to make use of Shouta's relationship with Sana and Nana.

Surely, the words "Don't judge the book by it cover" really mean what it say.

Kind of expected another cute girl who act in front of many person, can be a devil in heart.

Kyouko's case is different since she can still control her fantasy, and she do have a different views on Shouta later on when he was able to catch the Paparazzi before her.

What got me wanting to peek into this Manga when it was released, was actually due to the initial plot where An actress asking shouta to take a photo of her, and having him to fall in love with her.

And in order to act her role, she ask him to be her boyfriend.

While it take some time for Sana to realize her feelings towards Shouta, I'd find it interesting that Shouta's first Love appear very steady right on around Chapter 2 and 3.

Another interesting love story Manga to peek into, next to Nisekoi.

Simple, but good to peek, and the gag is also nice for a good laugh. Pretty much prove why the relationship between very simple and yet very good.

One being a famous Actress, and one very normal person. A reason why many will say that it a big scandal once it leaked, but to think the first love also step into the fun.

The 360 Degrees change shocked everyone, including me, and why Shouta's friends didn't blame him for not recognizing her at first sight. Nana's "Direct Approach" also seem to catch Shouta off guard, and shocked the whole class too.

Just Imagine when Shouta shout out his confession toward Sana in the public, or to the whole world. It's not going to be just any News that can be easily cover-up in 1 or 2 days.

If their Love is very true and strong, then this will be an even more interesting to peek, since Nana also seem to step up her approach, since she also have a crush on Shouta  when they were young.

Pretty lucky for Shouta, but sometime I do want to whack him for his action, which can cause me Face palm.

Shy like a girl, but can be manly at time. Just that he also very Naive, which might caused him a lot of harm than good, just like his kindness.

But due to that, pretty much the reason why I peeked into this Manga. So as far as I peeked, do you want to take a peek into the Relationship Roles Acting and Twisting in Koisome Momiji.


Anonymous said...

Sad that it ended today. Seemed rather abrupt,but it was a really good manga.

Ng Yong Yao said...

Yes, it ended with 28 Chapters in Total. It was a very interesting Manga and the ending still good, but still shocked when it just ended that way o(>_<)o