Monday, September 10, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 10 September 2012

Let's start off this Week Figurines Report with some nice Bunny Girls, and I must say black do good nice.

-Hayate Bunny Ver. @Amiami
-Nanoha Bunny Ver. @Amiami

Since Hayate is up for Pre-order too, it just a matter of time before Fate is also up for Pre-order. Nanoha was up first.

Interestingly, it also seem that all 3 of them can stand together and pose a nice Bunny Trio, in which their Bunny Suit Color just look so nice.

Even the latest pictures shown that the details is very nice, though each cost about 13,000 Yen, cheapest over Amiami. ∑(O_O;)

You can expect all 3 will cost you a total of 39,000 Yen, and some other Retailers/Sites placing slightly higher than that, and maybe some bit lower.

From the Maker FREEing, they're sure not very cheap, but one sure cannot overlook over the Details of the figurines, and they are of 1/4 Scale (400mm tall).

Considering just how nice they look, I won't mind them serving me some drinks, and some chit-chat too.

Even still, best to be careful too, despite them being adult, they were Magical Girls, and now being Commanders / Instructors for later generation.

I wonder if they will heal me, when I get Heart Attack and High Blood Pressure just staring at them. Σ(⊙_⊙;)

There's another Pretty Dangerous girl who is in her Shrine Maiden clothes, but her Weapons is not something to overlook.

Unchou Kanu Black Shrine Maiden Ver. @Amiami

It sure look better than it previous one, since the Blue and Black Color actually made her look many times Cooler.

Very nice for the Detail in which not only can she wield her weapons with ease, her look still can get me stun for 5 Seconds again.

Was pretty shocked at her back details, where it suppose the wind is blowing to one side. Though the front is very revealing, looking at her back actually gave a different feel, in which Kanu look like a Wanderer.

I'm fully aware that they're based off the Chinese 3 Kingdom, so maybe you might want to peek at them wearing some nice Qi Pao. (・ω・` )

I wonder why they got Kanu and Ryoumou having their clothes torn up, but even so, all 4 girls sure look good, and enough to get many staring at them.

Again, be warn, though they're sexy and pretty, they're very strong too. And even when I seemed other wearing Qi Pao before, seeing at how the girls of Ikkitousen wearing one sure is different.

Another groups of girls who are also very dangerous but still Cute and Pretty, have made their way around which made many wishing to grab them with Clean Hands, and a few of them which got me Sparkling Eye Activate just from one Peek.

Touhou Project 1/8 Figurine @Amiami

At a Cost Range of 6,000 Yen to 8,000 Yen, they sure all look very nice to grab back home, and some of them can even remove their hat.

I prefer the last 2 in the list above, in which both cost 7,000 Yen Each. But What actually made them look very nice is their Hair and Suit just look so nice.

Well, I do need a Maid who can clean and be a bodyguard too.

Touhou Project had a lot them sold out, which got re-stock again, which just prove just how hot selling the girls were.

Even now, there still many Fans out there, but I prefer to stare / peek at the girl instead.

When I said that, the girls still pretty dangerous, but yet cute. Even the Detail show over at Amiami Site can show just how nice they are.

Well, enough of Dangerous girl, so let take another peek at Some girl in swimsuits, just for some Fans Services.

You can just use the Search on the right and key in "Swimsuit" to peek how many I peeked into.

But not enough to get me having Swimsuit Fetish yet, and also I'm sure there're many out there who stare more than me.

Staring at Girls in Swimsuit is said to be healthy for the Guy's Eye. 〆(・∀・@)

My Imouto don't Prefer Hello Kitty!, since she a Hardcore fans of Winnie the Pooh, but there's girls out there who like Hello Kitty!

It also seem someone's name got Cat in them too, but I still shocked just how hardcore they can go over Hello Kitty!

My Grandmother also like Hello Kitty too, in which I brought some from Japan once and pass it to her.

But what got me amazed too, is that how Hello Kitty sure to take another step up and added in some Anime Girls and a PS Vita Game to it.

Last one that got me amazed that there was a video on it to show the details of the figurine.

Have to say that it the first time I seem just a nice figurine, and the base stand look very outstanding even when Neige decided to have a little sit.

At a price of around 7,500 Yen, not only the details in of the Base Stand look very good, the tail and clothes actually look pretty cool too.

You may remove her cloak if you want, since it will made her look Causal instead. (#^.^#)

But even so, I still shocked at how nice both the Base Stand and Neige are. I wonder how just how cool those Crystal are.

Well, that pretty much for figurines, and I would likely to kick-start another Report based on Anime Goods, but not on a Weekly basis like Figurine Reports. 〆(・∀・@)

Stuffs like Clothes, Accessory and Bags might fall into that point, but the way I write the Report would be similar to Figurine Report. Reader who peeked into some of my previous Figurine Reports would know.

As for now, Any Figurines got you Sparkly Eye Activated? (☆‿‿☆)
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