Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 2 September 2012

This week pretty much sum up some of the Figurines posting, but then again, I got some more New Incoming, so I will be continuing the Figurine Week for another few more days.

You may peek into my twitter to see the picture if you're interested, but let close this week and sum up what I showcase, and peek too.

It also seem like I did 2 Figurines Reports for this week, and they are what I been peeking over at Amiami Site too.

It a good site for Figurines Peeking, and at the same time to check some other Anime Accessories up for grabbing too.

Honestly saying, I ask my friend to help me order online instead, since I tend to take a peek instead.

Sometime I do go out and grab some from the Store instead, which basically most of my Figurines are.

But thinking about it, sometime it also good to actually pre-order some instead, or buy it online and wait for it to deliver to your Door Step.

You also free to imagine Miku driving her Racing Car up next to you, but unfortunately, it only contain one seat, so you can't get a ride with her.

Another Figurine with an Itasha which is up for grab is Mirai, which Mr Danny Choo is so proud to spread around.

Mada's Figurine Report on Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

It kind of embarrassing that I actually did a very detailed review on one nendoroid, which I normally just list some key points and place them under the Figurines report.

Those which I find interesting will have more detail from me. But I still prefer to place all in one.

Well, consider that I got some time, I might do a few interesting figurines with some nice long post.

And I do need to have more Figurine Peeking again.

Figurine Peeking is just a short term for checking out for Figurine in Site or Store, which I used. A very uncommon way of saying, but if you like the term, you're free to use it and spread my Words.

Just when I thought that I got some nice figurines to take photo with, and to share.

Well, another new batch come in very quickly, which is why I decided to continue the Figurine posting for a few more days.

Anyway, you can just click on the Bold Blue wording to peek on some photos of my collections.
There will be a mixtures of other things too, not just Figurines only, but I will share what new Figurines that stepped into my Hiding Spot.

There seem to be something wrong with my Camera, since I been using it for very long. I wonder if it also the timing for me to grab a new one, and it actually for Family uses too.

But anyway, as long it still good to go for a bit longer, then I will be taking the new Batch of figurine which just stepped into my Hiding spot next week.

So, have you done your Figurine Peeking  for this week yet? You're free to peek on mine, and there will be some more new one most probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

As for now, maybe some Anisong Listening and Manga Peeking before Napping.

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